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Taman Bukit Curry Mee


The curry mee at Taman Bukit‘s hawker centre is one of the most popular in Bukit Mertajam. If you want to taste one of the finest curry mee sold in Bukit Mertajam in the morning, I would recommend you this stall. For night ones, Taman Sri Rambai‘s hawker centre would be the one to look for. I remembered the last time I went it was during my high school days, and I am glad to say the taste is still being maintained and reasonably priced @ RM2.50 per bowl.


I was already craving for curry mee like mad when I last went back hometown during the last Chinese New Year. So, on the 4th day of CNY I got up early and had my cravings satisfied. Being one of the two stalls only open that day, business was super brisk. Some people even took away twenty packets of curry mee at one go! Even so, my order came rather quickly. Quite impressed with their ability to remember the orders so clearly in such a busy session.


The ingredients are of typical Penang curry mee: cockles, tofu pok, long beans and my favorite – coagulated pork blood.. simply can’t get enough of it. Besides the ingredients, what makes a good bowl of curry mee is none other than the soup and the chili sauce. The sweet coconut curry soup, when combined with the thick chili sauce turned into a fiery red soup full of kick that makes you want more with every mouthful. Really nice.


It had been so long since I last visited. A new (but shoddy) hawker centre has been built to provide proper shelter and a cleaner environment to the stall owners and patrons. Last time, the hawker stalls here operated under a huge tree and it was pretty unhygienic place. Almost 80% of the patrons were here for the curry mee, kinda shows the popularity and tastiness no?


Part of the morning crowd who were queing for their curry mee. It seems nothing can stop Penangites from hunting for their favorite foods, even during the biggest festive celebration of the year lol. So, how soon did you come out hunting for hawker food during Chinese New Year? Me? On the first day itself! Can’t blame a Penangite being too long away, lol.

Ok, here comes the direction.. tricky. Since the hawker centre is actually situated next to a residential area, it only means lots of lanes and turns like a maze. Take the turning from BM High School (Pak Lah’s former school) into Jalan Stowell and follow the road, until you reach a T junction and take the left turn into Jalan Goh Chong Thoe. You will be going up hill now. Take either the first or second turning (doesn’t matter since it will join back at the same road) on your right and go downhill. You will see the hawker centre at the end of the road.

Do refer Wikimapia for a graphical direction.

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