Taman Sri Rambai Open Air Hawker Centre


Taman Sri Rambai has an open air hawker centre which opens nightly. It has been around since my high school days and still is a popular spot for food in Bukit Mertajam 大山脚. The more popular food here are the curry mee and belacan chicken. The satay here is cheap, only 30 cents per stick and the nasi lemak (sold by the satay guy too) is also good.

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First thing I ordered, belacan fried chicken. I’ve had quite some recommendations from my fellow BM-kias to try this.

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You can choose from wings and drumsticks to livers. Wings cost RM1.30, while drumsticks cost RM1.50 per piece.. quite reasonable I’d say. Tastes quite good.

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Mook’s Pizza is a new stall. They offer 4 kinds of pizza: mixed, curry chicken, tuna and hawaiian chicken. Each costs RM8.50.

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Shown here is a hawaiian chicken pizza. Looks nice yeah? Tastes great too! Definitely gonna return to try the other types (most prolly mixed).

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Fried oysters was not so nice.. I still prefer those sold in the island, especially Swatow Lane’s.

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Economy fried noodles are available too.. You can add on curry petai, luncheon meat, eggs and other stuff. Their motto is “If not nice to eat, please tell us. If nice, please tell your friends” lol.

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Ikan bakar is a bit expensive. RM10 for the smallest plate and you get 4 medium slices of stingray.

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And finally what I’ve been waiting for the whole night, the Famous Penang Curry Mee. They are the latest stall to open at 7.30pm and have a little attitude problem lol. Well that’s the kind of attitude you can afford to have if you can cook really nice food. One good example would be the Sister’s Koay Teow.. So far this is the only stall in BM which you will get ignored when you place an order.. They barely have any expressions lol.

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But the curry mee is really not bad. From my experience, if you come later at around 11pm, the soup tastes better because it’s thicker already.

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  1. erm… I also like the belancan chicken but I think I prefer the pai li zhen’s belacan chicken which sell in afternoon. My ah ma also prefer there. She said that there’s belacan chicken smells more belancan more nice wor… Hehe… My brother like there’s friend oyster. Everytime go there, sure will order de. And my uncle like there’s curry mee. My uncle is staying in Island. Everytime come over to fetch my aunty she will go there to eat the curry mee before he go back. Haha… My friends they like go there to eat there Laksa also. They said because the sell Laksa’s daughter very pretty. ^_~
    The Pizza? Never see before de. Is that sell with zhen zhu nai cha one?

  2. wow.. the curry mee sure looks “hot”.. haha.. especially the “black” thing inside the spoon.. wonder if i were to eat this, my stomache can accept it or not.. :P

    and the belacan.. is it really belacan? looks more like sambal to me.. :P

  3. My mom is from Bukiet Mertajam and most of my maternal side relatives live in Sri Rambai! Haha! And when my family goes back to Bukit Mertajam we either go Pek Gong Cheng or the food court in Sri Rambai because the food there is really finger-licking delicious (sorry I took KFC’s tagline)

    Nice photos of the super delicious food! Haha! Will try out next time when I get back!

  4. Ever since I saw the recent Taste of Jason episode, I’ve been thinking of visiting Bkt Mertajam as the food looked so good. Looks like I can put yr blog to full use. Thxs for the reviews.

  5. hmm..where’re the mook pizza?i’m a jitsinese too..currently at lower 6..btw..izzit the “lu tian” place?cos i didnt notice it too even im so close to it…

  6. oh god..i realy cant believe that i live in such a good place..i never known tat the hawker centre here is so famous….i agree the belacan chicken is good,but the price is…

    vk: The price is a bit high hor? But as long as it’s tasty then it’s OK lah.

  7. my mom especially likes the kiam hu bee hoon but the owner is getting more and more kiam siap as she gives very very little portion of everything.


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