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Tang Pin Kitchen @ SS2, Petaling Jaya


After so many visits to Tang Pin Kitchen in SS2, I think I can be considered a frequent customer now. It is mainly a noodle shop of fish ball specialties and I usually have my dinner there whenever I want a simple, quick and no frills meal. Besides, the restaurant is clean and comfy too. The design is old and filled with marble table and chairs that makes you feel like dining in a coffee shop of the past.


Just a prior warning though, most of the food here are not that heavily seasoned so you might feel they are slightly bland. Not a problem for me because there’s always soy sauce and white pepper to boost the flavor. But for people who prefer something light, then Tang Pin Kitchen would the right place.


When I was working in Singapore I never liked the Mee Pok there despite it being a national favorite and all – simply because I cannot convince myself to like a ketchup and vinegar based noodle and I find the flavor just too pungent for my liking. Tang Pin’s Mee Pok tastes authentic yet surprisingly delicious so I am now a converted fan. But, I still order it without vinegar haha.

The flat noodle’s texture is fine with a nice springy texture that makes it so appetizing, very different from the usual noodles you get in other places. The lard cubes help to inject a much needed fragrance and crunch into the noodles. Overall the Mee Pok is more towards spicy and you won’t taste any trace of ketchup, which I feel is smart because generally we are not really used to that kind of flavor. The only gripe I have would be its portion, it feels kinda small for the price of RM6.


Dry Fish Noodles, very light tasting and the ingredients used like shredded carrot and bean sprout are meant to give it a crunchy feel.


I tried the Hor Fun once out of curiosity and it was only so-so at best. To be safe it is better stick to their fish noodle based stuff.


The Fried Fish Noodle and Chee Cheong Fun has a consistency problem. On a good day, it is nice with sufficient wok hei but moist and not spicy enough on a bad day. So the other things I have tried and worth trying (sorry no pics) are the Golden Noodles and Celery Noodles.


Fish balls and fish cakes are present in most of the noodles and they are such a delight to the palate. They are slightly larger than average and are really springy and ‘bouncy on the teeth’.


I feel the beverages here are quite expensive so I usually order the tong sui instead. This cup of frothy Hainan Tea is RM3.50, and I think you would agree with me that it is not really worth the price.


For tong sui, the black glutinuous rice soup that comes with glutinuous rice balls and barley fu chuk gingko are recommended.


Ease of parking is definitely a bonus here considering it is located in the overcrowded SS2. Many parking lots are available in front of the shop in the evenings. Besides SS2, Tang Pin Kitchen also has a few other branches in Kota Damansara and KL but I will let you research the exact location yourself.

Tang Pin Kitchen
No 24, Jalan SS2 2/24,
47300 PJ, Selangor.
GPS Coordinates: N3 06.807 E101 37.240
Tel: 03-7877 2376

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