Tao Cuisine All-You-Can-Eat Japanese Buffet @ E-Gate, Penang

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**This is about TAO Restaurant in Penang. Click here for the new restaurant at Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara**

Tao Cuisine Japanese Restaurant serves all you can eat Japanese cuisine for RM45++. As far as I know there are two outlets in Penang, E-Gate and Autocity. My last department dinner was held in E-Gate’s Tao so here I am presenting the food we had.


Some photos are crappy.. I had to snap them quick so that the others can start eating lol. Each of us is given a menu and you will give your orders to the serving waiter. The orders would be printed out in looong tickets and placed by the table. Every time food arrives the ticket would be taken off, that simple.


Sashimi Deluxe – This plate of raw fish costs RM40!! And we ordered 3 of this, too bad some of us (including me) had to forcefully finish them in the end.. Honestly, while chewing the cuttlefish I felt like I was chewing rubber haha. Tell me, is it supposed to taste like that at all? I just couldn’t learn to appreciate it.. And FYI for every 100gm of unfinished food Tao will charge RM10.


Because Tao prepare the foods fresh (as claimed) upon order and there were more than 10 of us, the food came in extra large quantity.


The only food which I can remember the name (because I ordered it for it’s unique name) – Firecracker Sushi. Firecracker Sushi! How cool can a sushi’s name get?


These are steamed scallops with some mayo or thousand island sauce if I am not mistaken. Tasted a bit spicy too but I like it.


One thing I didn’t really like was the constant nagging of the waiter. He repeated the same things over and over again about food wastage whenever we placed orders.. OK you made your point, bring on the foods man!


Some sort of boneless fish that tastes a bit like Unagi.. Really, you can even eat the heads.


A big piece of juicy cod fish


Lamb chops, they were piled like a small mountain. Too bad they were overcooked and the meat was hard. Must have been quality control issues.


California rolls and dumplings. The california rolls are damn expensive, RM7 each from the ala carte menu! Can you believe the 5 6 rolls above would cost more than half of one person’s buffet bill?


More california rolls. Mike and I simply went on a frenzy ordering for sushi and skewers.


Chicken and seafood skewers, yum yum!


Unagi, salmon and Ebiko sushi


Then there were some fried food like beef and egg.


And lastly some cooked beef that I couldn’t care to talk about lol. They were just normal tasting. After all the buzz I have been hearing about Tao Japanese Buffet, it wasn’t that great for me. This citizen’s blog is an interesting read about Tao, and I had to agree with some of her experience even though it happened than a year ago.

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