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Taste Legendary Nasi Lemak – Nasi Lemak with Hakka ‘Zha Yuk’ & Pork Curry



Besides being one of the oldest Chinese nasi lemak stalls in KL, Taste Legendary Nasi Lemak is also known for offering Hakka ‘zha yuk’ as part of the dishes. Currently, the operation is being slowly taken over by the family’s third generation.


Now, for a bit of history. This nasi lemak stall was started in Chow Kit’s market about 60 years ago by the owner’s grandmother. Initially, they only had two dishes: pork curry and Hakka ‘zha yuk’. It was only later that sambal cuttlefish and chicken curry were added.


One thing that really impressed us was the quality of the nasi lemak. It was fragrant, soft and fluffy and the grains don’t stick to one another.
To achieve this kind of texture, they had to steam the rice twice, once in the afternoon until the rice is half cooked, then another round with coconut milk the next morning.



First timers should have the nasi lemak with ‘zha yuk’ for the sake of experience. The price is calculated according to the number of slices of pork belly you take. If I remember correctly, it’s RM2.50 a piece.
Customers specify how many pieces of ‘zha yuk’ they want, and it’s usually served separately because of its tangy taste. But we noticed that the older generation like to mix the ‘zha yuk’ with curry for that fusion of flavors. FYI, the plate of nasi lemak shown above is RM11.30.


For those who do not fancy ‘zha yuk’ then we highly recommend the sambal cuttlefish and pork curry. If your budget allows, get both because they are equally delicious. And it costs RM9 for this.
We actually got the chance to see how the sambal cuttlefish was cooked, and it’s no wonder that it’s so Q, tender and does not taste rubbery at all. They were stirred in a huge wok of boiling sambal for less than a minute and cooked just right.


Conclusion: if you love steamed nasi lemak, pork curry and sambal cuttlefish, this is the place to be. A big plus point for me is that although their sambal is sweet and spicy, it leans toward the latter. As for the ‘zha yuk’ I think it’s worth checking out once but I will probably omit it in my future visits.

Taste Legendary Nasi Lemak
Pasar Chow Kit Zone 1C
Hours: 7am – 12.45pm (closed on Monday
Tel: 012-333 2334

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