Tasty Toasted Bun @ Yaowarat (Chinatown), Bangkok

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In our many trips to Thailand, we have never bothered to queue for food because there are so many selections available. Even for After You, we simply returned early the next day when the cafe was practically empty.

But we made an exception for these unassuming looking toasted buns in Bangkok’s Chinatown (Yaowarat) and joined the crowd of locals and tourists alike to wait in patience.
Although it took 45 minutes before we finally got our hands on the buns, the wait felt short because Yaowarat is so happening and there are plenty of things to see.

Tasty Toast Stall Bangkok Chinatown
Tasty Toast Stall Bangkok Chinatown Crowd

To give you an idea, this was how the queue looked like. It stretched all the way down the street, around a corner, and on to the next. The traffic police even had to put up pedestrian barriers for crowd control.

Tasty Toast Stall Bangkok Chinatown Menu
Tasty Toast Stall Bangkok Chinatown Order Chit

Here’s a tip: don’t join the queue because it would take forever to be your turn. In fact, you might not get served at all! So make your way to the front of the stall, get the ordering chit, fill it up and pass to the person in charge.
Just to be clear I am not asking you to cut queue, but that’s how things work here. Your ordering chit has a number on it and they prepare the orders based on the order chits received. When your buns are ready for collection then they would shout the number out.

Tasty Toast Stall Bangkok Chinatown Fillings

The flavors available for the fillings include: chocolate, peanut, marmalade, milk, pineapple, strawberry, sugar, egg custard (kaya), chili and chocolate. You can opt for the buns to be crispy, coco crispy (absolutely no idea what’s that) and crispy and soft.

Charcoal Toast Stall Bangkok Chinatown

The insides of the buns are buttered by default and they go on the charcoal grill to crisp up the skin, giving it a golden brown color. Then, the fillings are added accordingly as you see in the video.

Bangkok Chinatown Tasty Toasts
Tasty Toast Bangkok Chinatown Egg Custard
Tasty Toast Bangkok Chinatown Marmalade

We had four pieces of different flavors and we liked the buttermilk the most, it was similar to condensed milk, slightly creamier but not cloying at all. And as simple as it looked, the bun was delicious on its with a unique crispy and soft texture. You would need to try it for yourself to experience it.

Tasty Toast Stall Bangkok Chinatown Government Savings Bank

It’s almost impossible to miss this toasted bun – just follow the crowd and look for the stall with the longest queue. Alternatively, use Government Savings Bank as a landmark, as the stall is operating right under the large pink signboard.

Yaowarat Tasty Toasted Buns

452, Yaowarat Road, Samphanthawong, 10100 Bangkok
Business hours: 7pm – 11.30pm, closed on Mondays

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