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What is teh-c-peng in East Malaysia and how is it different from West Malaysia’s teh peng? Well, our usual cup of teh is done by mixing tea and condensed milk, but teh-c uses evaporated milk instead. If you didn’t know, evaporated milk is just like condensed milk, minus the sugar added in the process. In Sarawak, this special drink can even come in 5 layers! The normal teh-c has two layers: tea and milk and teh-c-peng special has an extra layer of gula Melaka at the bottom.


This is a cup of teh-c-peng special, don’t you think it’s colorful? The different density of the layers make them float on top of each other.


Teh-c-peng 5 layer, the layers are similar to teh-c-peng special but with pandan and cincau added. You can see the greenish pandan layer in the middle layer on the right cup. It’s nice to stir up the drink and see the colorful layers mix lol. This is definitely a drink I’d wish to see someone serve in Penang.. it is not too sweet and has a stronger tea aroma because evaporated milk is used, yum! Dang I could use a cup now.

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