Tenji Japanese Buffet @ Solaris Mont Kiara

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For me, the most frustrating thing for me was not getting to try any prawn tempura. These, on the other hand were always available – deep fried crystal fish, abalone cake, squid ball and deep fried soft shell crab.


Durian cake had an interesting shape. Not really recommended since it wasn’t great (lacked durian flavor) and the portion was quite big, so I would say skip this and make room for other food instead.


On the plate are stir fried clams in superior stock, unagi sushi, green mussel with creamy cheese, scallop cooked with three types of bell pepper and butter fish. I only liked the scallops and Unagi sushi (again, can’t go wrong with Unagi).

sushi platter

Second round of sushi.. at the most front is a hand rolled sushi with abalone slices, quite nice.


Smoked salmon roll was not bad. And if you are not a fan of Japanese pickled ginger, try to avoid the sushi with century egg on top. Sandwiched between the slice of century egg and rice is pink pickled ginger.


Another thing the kitchen staff didn’t cook properly and some parts were still raw, the pan fried prawns at the teppanyaki section. Consolation was that they tasted much sweeter than those I had with the paper steamboat.

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