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Teow Chow Seafood Restaurant @ Bukit Sri Bintang


There are easily more than 10 Chinese restaurants in the small yet busy commercial area in Bukit Sri Bintang. Among all, Teow Chow seafood restaurant has got to be the most popular one, judging by the steady stream of customers who make their way here every day for dinner.
Since we stay only minutes away, we have already had dinners at some of the restaurants in this area. While most of them are not bad, Teow Chow impressed us the most hence deserves the first mention.


If you could read Chinese then you would know from Teow Chow’s signboard that they get their supply of seafood from Kuala Selangor fresh on a daily basis. Because of that, they could offer many seafood dishes that are prepared with some of the more uncommon variety of fishes.
If a particular seafood is not available, it’s probably due to the fact that the quality or freshness is not up to their standard of expectations. So, they would rather not serve it.


Besides fish, crabs and live mantis shrimps are also a hit with the customers. There’s a minimum order of 2 crabs for any crab dish and they were available in two sizes during our visit: either 600g ones @ RM76/kg or 800g ones @ RM86/kg.
They have more than a dozen of ways to cook the crabs but one of them caught my eye. It was the creamy butter and salted egg style which combines the best of both world for a lip-smacking sauce, great to be paired with any kind of shellfish.
The sauce was so delicious that it might be the best I have tasted on crabs, yet. It had a wonderful balance of flavour with the right consistency, perfect to be mopped up with the fried mantou.


The 600g crabs might not be the biggest around but still, they were fleshy enough for a satisfying experience. One thing though, even though the crabs packed a lot more meat, taste wise I still prefer those we had at Tou Tou not long ago. Somehow, the larger the crab, the less sweet it tastes and the flesh is not as delicate too.


When it comes to mantis shrimps, most seafood restaurants opt to use frozen ones due to cheaper cost. And usually they are prepared in Kung Po or Salted Egg style, which requires them to be deep fried first to mask any frozen taste. So when live mantis shrimps are available and at a reasonable price of RM4/pc, I highly recommend that you go for this instead.
And like the crab, minimum order applies for the live mantis shrimps too and it’s 8pcs @ RM32. So what better way to savour the freshness and the natural sweetness of these mantis shrimps than to steam them? Although it might a hassle to enjoy, the flavor is oh so rewarding.


For something slightly out of the ordinary, you could try the stir fried shark with curry powder @ RM28. I have been eating shark since I was a kid and it tastes like a cross between stingray and red snapper with firm flesh like a sea bass’. So if you prefer something more delicate like grouper then you might want to consider other types of fish.


As for veg we had the ‘sei dai tin wong‘ (四大天王) @ RM12 and it was quite frankly delicious. The seasoning was spot on and it did not taste as salty as some other places. If it was spicy as well then it’d have been perfect.


In total we spent a little over RM180 for this meal. We thought the shark could have been omitted – not because it was bad, but because we over ordered. Overall, we were extremely pleased with the food and we will definitely return again in the near future for another seafood feast.

Teow Chow Sefood Restaurant (瓜拉雪兰莪潮洲海鲜饭店)
No 17, Jalan 3/36, Taman Sri Bintang
52100, Kepong
Tel: 012-635 1124
Business hours: 11am – 3pm, 5.30pm – 11.00pm

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