Texas Roadhouse Casual Steakhouse @ Dubai Mall

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If you have been to any chain steak house in Malaysia, it’s safe to say you have been to Texas Roadhouse. Now, just reimagine it in a Western theme and country-style ambiance. Menu wise, they are quite similar to what you’d see at Tony Roma’s or TGIF but with a stronger emphasis on steaks.




Texas Roadhouse is also known for serving free peanuts in buckets at each table along with free bread rolls that are baked fresh daily. If you think free food can’t be good, wait till you try them. These peanuts are not only bigger (and harder to crack) than what we usually eat back in Malaysia, it’s also sweeter and more fragrant.
It almost feels like you’re eating peanut butter in its original form – and you simply can’t stop at one. The good thing is that even if you are just in here for a drink, you still get to enjoy the freebies.


Our meal started off great with a delicious appetizer of Grilled Shrimp @ Dhs 34 (single skewer) that’s seasoned with garlic lemon pepper butter. Not only they are large and fleshy, they are extremely fresh, firm and succulent tasting.


But the next one – Smoked Buffalo Wings @ Dhs 39 was too salty even by Malaysian standards. I had to stop at one piece because the saltiness was so overwhelming that numbed my lips.


Without Fried Pickles @ Dhs 19, Texas Roadhouse would just be another American chain restaurant. This has to be one of the more original appetizers that you either love or hate. As weird as it might sound, it’s actually quite good if eaten in small amounts so you must share this with a few companions.


The Potato Skins @ Dhs 29 are extraordinarily cheesy, which is actually a good thing all things considered. The melted cheddar cheese provided most of the flavour while the bacon (beef based, but close to the real deal) bits gave a nice chewy texture on top on a crispy potato skin.


You can’t come to Texas Roadhouse and not have a steak because that’s just wrong. They have quite a number of cuts available so it’s up to your personal preference and budget to make a choice.
Besides the menu, a meat display counter also shows the cuts of steak available. It didn’t take long for us to decide on having the FT Worth Rib Eye @ Dhs 94 (10 oz), simply because it is the most marbled cut among all. The well-cooked steak cuts through like butter and the flavour was so good that it even exceeded my initial expectations by far.


Another worth trying is their Award Winning Beef Ribs @ Dhs 79 that’s available in half or full portion. And as described in the menu, the flesh is really so tender that it literally falls of the bone effortlessly. But the BBQ sauce might be too rich to be finished by a single person so I suggest you to share this as well.
Like the steaks, the ribs come with 2 sides that are made from scratch, meaning they are not scooped from a tray to precooked sides for convenience’s sake. Based on what we tried, I have to say the sides are better than what you’d expect.


No complaints about the alcohol-free margaritas here @ Dhs 22. They come in big glasses and their taste was simply spot on – refreshing and thirst-quenching after having so much heavy-flavored dishes.


While eating we noticed that the staff would dance when a particular music is playing. To be honest the performance felt a bit unenergetic save for some who were really into it and showed a lot of enthusiasm. Regardless, it did add a touch of fun to the overall dining experience.






Despite some misses in the appetizers, I will definitely return again just for the excellent steaks and drinks. The environment is casual and relaxing while the prices are fair enough to be a strong contender to challenge the other more well-established restaurant chain in Malaysia. Desserts wise they could do better by having a few more options but that’s not a really an issue for me anyway.


Texas Roadhouse
The Dubai Mall (LG112-2)
Fountain Restaurant Area – Lower Ground Level

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