TGI Fridays 3 Course Meal for RM39.90


Let’s see, TGI Fridays has been open in Queensbay for like almost a year and I have yet to dine there. It’s kind of conflicting myself because I have been wanting to dine there since it opened last year. I had to wait until TGI Fridays rolled out the promotion of 3 course meal for RM39.90. Yeah I know I am stingy. The photos I took are lousy due to the dark environment.. paiseh. I am still a noob in taking photos in the dark :(


Your could see huge banners everywhere in Queensbay promoting this set meal. I tell you, it’s really really worth it. And best of all, it’s enough to serve for two. If you feel the drinks are a bit too expensive, you can opt for plain water and it’s free of charge. I did that.


This was our appetizer: Creamy Mushroom Soup. The soup was very thick and filled with mushroom slices. I felt like I was eating mushroom more than drinking the soup lol. So if you are the one who always complained there’s no mushroom in your mushroom soup, this would be your fix. It comes in either bowl (RM11.50) or cup (RM7.90) Ours was served in a bowl.


The three course meal has 2 categories now, different from what I had in 1-Utama 2 years back. Now you can choose to indulge in either the angel or the devilishly good side. The 3 course meal includes 1 appetizer, 1 entree and 1 dessert. I chose to have the devil side simply because of the super nice Mocha Mud Pie. For appetizer there’s Mac N Cheese Bites or Fried Calamari. Shown above is Mac N Cheese Bites and it was ok. I remembered I had Fried Breaded Mozzarella Cheese Sticks for appetizer last time and it was superb. I wonder why they removed that from the selections.. cut cost?


I am not sure if TGI Fridays made a mistake on calling the main course the “entree”. It sounds and means more like appetizer to me lol. Our entree was Chicken Parmesan Quesadilla: A mix of char grilled diced chicken, beef bacon bits, cheese, Bruschetta (what is that anyway?) in a Parmesan-crust tortilla. It was cut into four medium sized pieces and tasted very well with the basil sauce.


Finally, for dessert. Our much awaited Mocha Mud Pie. I tell you, this is the best dessert ever. It’s a crime not to order this if you went to TGI Fridays lol. The tastiness of this dessert is beyond words.. Imagine rich, chocolate-almond mousse and coffee ice cream frozen in chocolate crumb crust, then topped with hot fudge and almonds slices.. Fuyoh even the description is killing me. Here you have coffee and chocolate, and more chocolate! If this dessert does not make you full, I don’t know what will!

Lastly you gotta thank me for this.. I noticed no one has ever put up the contact information for TGIF in Queensbay. Even in their official website you cannot find it. I was damn frust when I wanted to make a booking but there was no contact information anywhere! BM Kia is proud to present you their contact number as below, haha!

Tel: 604-6413363 Fax: 604-6413263
Lot GF 131 & 139, Ground Floor Queensbay Mall,
100 Persiaran Bayan Indah, Bayan Lepas,
Pulau Pinang
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  1. the food u have recommended are good actually but I am very scare of those “Trans-Fat” thing. I have been on “enzyme” type of diet for the past few years. I need to take “enzyme” and “live” (raw) vegi, meat & fruits together with meal, but I am NOT a vegetarian or those must-eat-organic guy.

    Interested ? can read this book by Dr. Edward Howell

    or if you read Chinese:

  2. anything call me up…just mansion ma name…i could help u guys out…(i’m all the time in the bar area [smoking area] )

  3. Hey Vkeong, in response to what other place have nice Indian food, I found 1 quite nice, it’s not a restaurant but rather a Indian stall in chinese kopitiam, at Sunway Tunas, Sg Ara, the coffee shop name used to be Sin Hock, but now changed name to something else I forgot the name, it’s a corner shop and opposite a tyre shop…. let me know if u can’t find it. A lot of factory worker nearby will go there for lunch and i find the Indian food very delicious and have clean outlook…

  4. I am sorry but I have to point this out. TGIF didn’t make a mistake of calling the main course entree. An entrĂ©e is a smaller course that precedes the main course, “except in North America, where it is the main course”. (taken from Wikipedia) If you noticed, TGIF originated from USA, that is why it’s called entree. :o)

  5. @Meiyen: Yeah, the 3 course meal is very very worthy for only RM39.90, the perfect meal to share with your boyfriend/girlfriend :D 2 times I dined in TGIF, 2 times also we ordered this set meal

    @jason: I think the promotion has ended already, it’s only valid for November if I am not mistaken

    @Konghu Lang: Wow you are so health conscious! I know about all these trans fat thing through TV health shows.. they are bad but I don’t think there’s much to worry about this in TGIF :)

    @chingy: pergilah :P

    @NKOTB: Glad someone’s on the same page with me on this one lol, it’s damn nice hor?

    @Sweet Jasmine: Thanks! I bet you will lau nuar even more when you see the photos at NicoleKiss’ blog!

    @Vince: Cool man!

    @goldfries: I certainly will! But that would be next year the soonest I guess lol

    @RT: Hey, thanks for the recommendation! I will certainly hunt it down.. I am wondering though if it opens only for lunch or dinner? I work/stay around there so I can go anytime woohoo

    @Pin: No need to sorry man, it’s good to know new things, especially if I made a mistake. I didn’t know it could mean main course in North America :)

  6. tgi fradays last time was good but not now..some of the waiter din give a good service..there is a fake smile i discovered from a indian waitress,fake good service i think..not happy don work there then..sia sui other friday’s staff!!!

  7. but a good things is there is few waitress/waiter was good..i went there once a week..erm,the chinese girl was nice..provide me a good service,recommend a good dinner for me.. she is a good employee.don lose her,such a waste for fridays..

  8. aiyah, this is what bruschetta actually means :

    Small bread slices rubbed with olive oil and garlic, heated and then served.
    Bruschetta has numerous topping and dips, olive oil and garlic are the most common.

  9. vince…its i know TGIF already come out wit a new menu for 3 course meal..3 course meal make me happy coz u can share…sharing is caring….muahsss..TGIF ROCKS!!!


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