TGV Indulge – Gourmet Cinema Experience @ 1 Utama

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Going to the movies is what a lot of people do for a date – especially if it’s in the early stages of dating. Usually, you stop for a meal beforehand or afterwards because that will allow you to have time to talk and get to know each other better.

TGV Indulge 1 Utama Restaurant Cinema

At TGV Indulge, you can combine both activities in one venue and more importantly impress your date. I guarantee that it will be a fun and new experience that both of you will enjoy thoroughly. That is, of course, unless you have been here and done that.

TGV Indulge Cinema 1 Utama

Indulge is currently available in 1 Utama and Sunway Velocity but the latter has MAX INDULGE so you could opt for a more immersive movie experience in IMAX Hall. Regardless of which Indulge you go to, all the cinema halls are fitted with reclining chairs, comforter blankets, and personalised call-waiter-service.

TGV Indulge Main Reception 1 Utama

The entrance to Indulge in 1 Utama is located next to TGV cinema’s snack counter. You won’t miss it, just look for the spacious lounge illuminated in a purple glow. At the reception-slash-ticketing counter, you can decide whether to dine and watch a movie, or just do one of them.
For those who are planning to do both, definitely get the Movie Ticket + Dining Package @ RM70/pax. It includes one starter, one main course and there’s an option to top up RM9 for dessert. Otherwise, the movie ticket is priced at RM45/pax and you will have to pay a la carte price for the food.

TGV Indulge Restaurant 1 Utama

With everything considered, paying an extra RM25 for two course meal at Indulge is worth it since you would be paying a similar price (or more) for a similar deal at other restaurants in 1 Utama.
Honestly speaking, we had zero expectation for the food when we first came here. I mean, how good can cinema food be, right? Aren’t they supposed to be experts in like popcorn and snacks only? Well, I am glad we were wrong.
To order, a tablet menu is provided to browse photos and prices of the dishes. Our tablet had trouble displaying the photos of certain dishes which led us to think that they were unavailable. But in fact, the tablet was faulty. So if you encounter a similar issue, request for a new one.

TGV Indulge Abruzzo Linguine Aglio Olio with China Bay Shrimp

Among all three dishes we had, the Abruzzo (Linguine Aglio Olio with China Bay Shrimp) @ RM27 was our favorite. The linguine was springy, well-seasoned while the shrimps were sweet and succulent. It was a winning combo alright.

TGV Indulge Miami Shrimp with Beef Tender

Miami @ RM47 (beef tenderloin & shrimp with porcini jus) was one of the very few beef options in the menu. While the steak was tender and delicious (remember to specify your preferred doneness), the portion could be inadequate for the average guy. More reason to opt for the movie and dining package then.

TGV Indulge Mix Salad
TGV Indulge Herb Crusted Butter Fish

If you come just for the food, a couple of dining sets are available @ RM50 and every set comes with a different appetizer and main course. We tried the set E which includes a mix salad and herb crusted butter fish.
The salad had a touch of Indian spices giving it a unique flavor which made it memorable. As for the fish, I thought it was well cooked – moist on the inside and paired well with the refreshing mango salsa.

TGV Indulge Apple Crumble with Coconut Ice Cream

Dessert wise we had the Apple Crumble with Coconut Ice Cream @ RM15. Nice, but the ice cream had a peculiar texture, kind of chewy and coarse. I think it was homemade.

TGV Indulge Entrance to Cinema
TGV Indulge Indulge Cinema Entrance

While waiting for the movie to start, slump yourself on the sofa relax in the lounge where you can have a drink as well. Can’t finish? Don’t worry, just bring it into the cinema hall.
If it’s going to be a long movie, you will defitely need to use the toilet first. For that, I am sure you will appreciate the non smelly, classier and cleaner (compared to the mall’s) toilet facilities.

TGV Indulge Seat with Blanket

When it came to the actual movie experience, I can only say it was as pampering as we expected. The reclining sofa seat was comfy and we still had space to wiggle even after placing our bags next to us. Each person gets his/her own comforter which worked wonderful to keep us nice and cozy under cover.
Next to the seat is a touch screen menu which lets you order food and drinks and they get delivered to you even when the movie is still playing. If you have always liked watching movies on bed but hate the strain it puts on your neck and back, Indulge is absolutely perfect.

TGV Indulge 1 Utama Bar Dining Area
1 Utama TGV Indulge Restaurant

Before this, I have never thought of paying premium prices for a cinema ticket. I might fork out a bit extra for IMAX and bean bag seats and that’s pretty much about it. But I was sold by TGV Indulge’s concept that moving forward, I wouldn’t mind splurging a little occasionally because the experience is worth it. For more info, go to

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