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Thai BBQ @ Bar B.Q. Plaza, 1 Utama New Wing


If you are a frequent shopper at 1 Utama you would have seen Bar B.Q. Plaza‘s advertisement showing on the screens. Their funny and catchy advertisements never fail to make me stop to watch them.
Despite that, I have always been skeptical about Bar B.Q. Plaza. Maybe because their barbecue concept is very much similar to the Korean style, where you pan fry the meats on hot plates. And I for one, am not a fan of Korean BBQ. But let me just say in advance, I was so wrong lol.


Bar B.Q. Plaza is located at the Rainforest section so for me to find it was quite tricky because 1 Utama is still like a maze to me sometimes lol. But when you see that friendly dragon statue then you are sure to be at the correct place already.


We had the Deluxe Supreme set @ RM36.90 for 2 pax (with white rice), which was chosen because it had everything. The usual Supreme set only had meats but this had some seafood too. There are basically three types of meat here: pork, beef and chicken, all sliced into thin pieces. Also included are fish noodles, lots of cabbage and some processed food.


Actually there are some steps to follow at Bar B.Q. Plaza to ensure your meal is as good as it could be. I am not going to elaborate since they have a leaflet with the detailed instructions. But the first step is always to oil the hot plate with cubes of lard. Yes, LARD! Haha.
Then, clear chicken broth is poured at the side of the pan, which is for boiling the cabbage and other vegetables. So when the frying is in process, the flavors from the meats will not go to waste because all of them would end up in the simmering broth.


Some condiments provided for the barbecue are garlic, lime, cili padi and a bowl of their home-made vegetarian sauce, made mainly of peanut butter. I was skeptical again when I saw this. What? No chili sauce for dipping? Peanut butter? You must be kidding me, how can!?
And again I was wrong.. the vegetarian sauce, prepared and shipped all the way from Thailand was the perfect condiment to complement the barbecued meat. Simply tasty and appetizing.


The meats are fresh and from what I heard, the pork is sourced from Euro Deli so the quality is very much assured. Although the Deluxe Supreme set was enough for both of us, we couldn’t stop and had an extra portion of marinated chicken thigh @ RM6.90.
Overall, the meal turned out to be much much better than I have anticipated, something that I honestly did not expect. Although 1 Utama is huge, I always find their selection of restaurants to be either too expensive or at so-so standards. But Bar B.Q. Plaza is now one of my top choices for a fun and nice meal. Yep, frying is fun alright.

Bar B.Q. Plaza
F338A, First Floor,
Rainforest (new wing), 1 Utama Shopping Centre.
Tel: 03-7727 8148
**10% service charge and 5% Govt Tax

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