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Just a stone’s throw away from the Yellow Thai food truck is Moo-Ka-Ta Krua Thai, a humble restaurant with an affordable menu. It’s different from the usual Thai restaurant in the sense that their menu is less elaborate offers only the basic dishes. Mookata is a specialty here, along with a couple of noodles and some street food options.

Krua Thai Mookata Pork Set

The Mookata pork set @ RM39 comes with a few different cuts, mostly fatty parts like pork neck and thin pork belly slices. Also included are pork meat balls, glass noodle and some greens. Seafood is also available but you’d have to opt for the mixed set.

Mookata Thai Steamboat BBQ

One thing for sure is that they are not stingy with the lard. 3 large chunks are given to oil the pan so the meat won’t stick and get burnt while grilling.
The friendly lady boss will also help you to arrange the meat and vegetable properly. I must say, she did a very good job. Then, the egg was cracked into the soup for extra richness.
The grilled meat tasted fresh and good, even better when dipped into their homemade chili sauce. Rice is not part of the set so you will have to order it separately. That said, Salasabaii is still our top recommendation for Mookata in KL.

Spicy Minced Pork Salad with Instant Noodle

Thai instant noodle has a superior texture compared to ours, so I couldn’t resist trying ordering the Spicy Minced Pork Salad with Instant Noodle @ RM12.
As you can see, the noodle was perfectly cooked to a springy firmness and it went well with the appetizing salad dressing. However, it was far from spicy.

Krua Thai BBQ Pork

If you like BBQ pork, a la Thai street food style then this is worth a try. Succulent with a juicy sweet bite, it tastes really close to what you get in Thailand.
But just so you know, they were grilled ahead of time, then grilled again upon order to warm them up. RM9 for 3 skewers, add RM1 for glutinous rice.

Thai Iced Milk Tea

Drinks are reasonably priced and I like that they are prepared with less sugar. Both the Thai iced milk tea and green tea milk tea are RM3.50 each.

Mookata Krua Thai Kepong

Besides serving food, they also carry a number of Thai snacks and sauces for sale. Even the fridge looks extra colorful for having so many different kinds of soft drink.

Krua Thai Mookata Kepong Steamboat Street Food

Considering Kepong does not have a lot of great Thai restaurant, Moo-Ka-Ta Krua Thai would a decent place to enjoy an inexpensive Thai meal. For those eating on a budget, single portion rice dishes and noodles are available from RM7 onwards.

Moo-Ka-Ta Krua Thai

G-11, First Residence Condo
Jalan Vista Mutiara 1, Kepong Baru
Business hours: 12pm – 10pm (lunch & dinner), 10pm – 6am (supper), closed on Mondays
Tel: 018-382 5186

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  1. Lai Thai ,15 jln 4/62D, medan putra. was there last night. ‘fern’ the operator said they have just opened 3 months ago. related to the renowned ” hole-in-the-wall’ thai eatery at happy mansion, section 17 . i thought the tom yam was perfectly balanced, let us know what you think.


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