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Thai Style Charcoal Steamed Fish @ Baby Seafood, Klang


Not long ago me and my makan gang ventured into Klang not for Bak Kut Teh but Baby Seafood Restaurant instead, which is famous for their signature Thai style steamed fish on charcoal stove. And the surprising thing about Baby Seafood is, they serve a variety of Thai food actually – something you wouldn’t know until you look at their menu.


I didn’t take part in the food ordering as my friend was the host that night. At Baby Seafood the charcoal steamed fish is a must try since it is their signature dish and the cooking method is not common. I am not saying you die die must order it, the number of people eating must be taken into consideration as well since the portion is not small.


Well it may look like any normal steamed fish with an exception that it uses charcoal as heat source, of course it is not that simple. A separate bowl of soup comes with each order of the steamed fish, which you can drink it directly (not recommended) or mix it into the fish-shaped steaming plate (nice touch) periodically when the soup starts to dry up. As for the fish, a few options were available like garoupa and snapper but it all depends on the availability. We had a snapper @ RM39.


The soup, well is just a bowl of soup with ingredients like dried chili, lemon grass, onion etc so I thought there’s no point showing. The soup tasted light, sour, spicy and appetizing, somewhat similar to a lighter version of tomyam soup. After being mixed into the steaming plate to boil for a while, the flavor improves by a mile when it becomes thicker with the infusion of the fish’s sweetness.
I felt that even though the fish was fresh and meaty, the soup was the element that really stood out in this dish. In overall the dish was considered good for me but my friends commented that the quality actually dropped and did not taste as great as it used to. Well, no comment since it was my first time trying.


Seafood hotplate with thick sweet and sour sauce @ RM35. Good thing it had plenty of seafood like prawns, cuttlefish, squid and fish meat. Not bad but not great either.


Stuffed boneless chicken wings with ham covered in sweet sauce is another Baby Seafood’s signature dish. Initially we only had one @ RM14 but decided to have another serving because it was really delicious. Each of us wanted to have a wing for our own lol.


Mango Kerabu was highly recommended by the waitress so we obliged. Priced at RM10 only, the portion was huge and had chicken feet skin as well. I am not really a fan of Kerabu so I didn’t really like it. Might be a different story for those who love it though.


Lastly we had their signature bean curd salad, which was also a recommended dish @RM8.40 or RM1.20 a piece (there were 7 of us). Packed with minced seafood under a crispy skin, it was well worth the cheap price.


For me the meal we had at Baby Seafood restaurant was a pleasant one but before I go saying that “oh, you guys must try this”, you got to know something. Before we left, I went to the toilet and was greeted with a very shocking sight – the steaming plate with the charcoal stove used for the fish right, there was like a big pile stored right in the toilet itself. WTF? I pray hard those were either unused or extras. Hmm, luckily I didn’t experience any stomach disorder after the meal lol.

Baby Seafood (closed on Mondays)
No 186A-1, Jln Sg Putus,
Batu Belah, 41400 Klang.
GPS Coordinates: N3 04.233 E101 26.483

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