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The Magnificent Fish & Chips Bar @ Changkat Bukit Bintang – Not So Magnificent After All


It is a shame that a nice restaurant such as Engka Portobello had disappeared from Changkat Bukit Bintang. Their all day breakfast was one of the best around and most importantly does not cost a bomb, which is commendable considering their prime location.
Now that our favorite is gone, we settled at the Magnificient Fish & Chips Bar located just a stone’s throw away. Besides their famous Fish & Chips which some say is the best in town, they serve all day breakfast and other English dishes too. By the way, this is a bold name for a restaurant don’t you think? And looking at their expensive menu prices, their food better be ‘magnificient’ or else.


Fish & Chips is the obligatory order since that is their signature food here. And for that you basically have five types of fishes to choose from: Silver Cod (RM46), Parrot Fish (RM38), Barramundi (RM36), Plaice (RM30) and Butterfish (RM28) I had the Barramundi and it comes with a lot of chips placed on top of a scrunched up newspaper which is separated by a thin sheet of white paper for hygiene. Presentation wise it seems pretty much like the real deal and looks authentically English enough, but that is all about it.


While the golden brown fillet is undeniably crispy, the coating falls off too easily when you cut into it. So you will end up eating the coating and the fish separately. That aside, the fish has an annoying muddy smell to it as well despite tasting fresh. My verdict? Not so magnificient after all. Overpriced by a long way too.


Anyway we got what we came for, the Chirpy Big Breakfast @ RM28. The portion looks big alright mainly because of the huge amount of bread given. But at least it tasted as expected as expected for a breakfast – nothing worth a ‘wow’ nor bad. Can’t blame me for feeling this way though because Engka Portobello was dishing up a much better version for less than half the value, with coffee included some more.


If you are getting this and bent on finishing everything on the plate, you better have an appetite big enough to do so. Else I suggest you just share it between you and your partner.


Another complaint I have is that they do not have a proper menu. You have to walk into the bar area to read the menu which is written on the chalkboard. This is very troublesome and does the owner honestly expect every customer to stand there and read through the list? Imagine the hassle for customers who come in group.


Frankly speaking there won’t be any revisit from me as far as I am concerned. The price is so high I think it is borderline unreasonable and the food is not all that great, not even near ‘magnificent’. I would rather spend my money on somewhere else like Opus because I know for certain the food will be great.

The Magnificient Fish & Chips Bar
28 Changkat Bukit Bintang
50200 Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates: N 3 08.860 E 101 42.484
Business hours: Tue – Sun (11am to 12 midnight)

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