The Steakhouse @ Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL


What should you do if you want to promote your restaurant? Simple. Just send out mass emails to bloggers asking them for ‘food reviews’, that’s how. It doesn’t even matter if your restaurant specializes in steak and yet the invited blogger prefers the meat to be ‘well done’. Best of all, it usually works too.
I was one of the invited bloggers to ‘review’ The Steakhouse but I turned down the request because of my no-invitation policy. If you are wondering why the need for me to clarify this, simply because I want to emphasize the neutrality of this post, unlike of the tens and twenties of sugar-coated write ups you will find on the Internet.


OK, now that is out of the way – The Steakhouse does serve delicious steaks (choose between Aged Black Angus and Australian Grain Fed, price ranging RM68-RM108) and they know what they are doing. The steaks are well-cooked and properly rested before being delivered to you so it’s tender and juicy. One thing to note about the steaks here is that they have minimal to no seasoning or spice and the sauce is served separately. Great if you like ‘honest’ meat in its natural flavor, but could be slightly annoying for those with stronger taste preference.


Several cups of salt (sea, chilli, onion, garlic, garden) are provided for the latter type of diners to season the meat themselves. Careful though, as some the crystals are not as fine as they should be – too much would render your steak too salty. Onion rings, greens and a potato of your choice (mashed, fried or sauteed) make up the sides and all of them are equally good.




The Deluxe Chilled Seafood Mountain @ RM158 will surely appeal to the visual senses but that is pretty much all about it. The lobster and tiger prawns are firm and succulent but the freshness of the oysters and paper-thin tuna slices is questionable.


The Steakhouse is also not short of desserts. We had the Andrea’s Special (A Dream in Chocolate) @ RM22.50 – A glass of sweetness layered with white chocolate ice cream, milky chocolate mousse, chocolate crumble, banana in passion fruit and pear in red wine.



Likes: Delicious charcoal grilled steaks, affordable menu, friendly service
Dislikes: Nothing much, seafood mountain not worth the price

The Steakhouse
44 Changkat Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, KL.
GPS Coordinates: N3 08.851 E101 42.496
Tel: 02 2144 2268
Business hours: Daily 5pm-11pm

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