Tho Yuen Dim Sum Restaurant

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The last time I went to Tho Yuen Restaurant for Dim Sum, it was nearly lunch time and all the dim sum were sold out. Because of that we had to settle for their famed chicken rice instead. So this time we went there earlier and lucky for us there were still some dim sum left this time.


Besides selling chicken rice and dim sum, Tho Yuen also serves various noodles and porridge (which all look super nice too) Most of the patrons here are the elder generation, all chatting their mornings away while enjoying their favorite cup of tea. And I think Tho Yuen will never run out of tea either because there’s a tea leaves shop directly opposite lol. Talk about strategic location.


Pineapple bun (polo bun) on the left and lou pho peng (wintermelon biscuit) on the right. Both are very nice and the pineapple buns have purple yam paste as filling. Many other dim sum (that are left up for grabs) as follow, all were pretty good except the one with mixed vegetable..






With all the dim sum we had and a pot of tea (thit kun yam) the total was RM16.20. For me it was reasonable and I’d definitely return earlier next time to try the noodles. Tho Yuen Restaurant is located along Campbell Street beside a big Rolex corner shop, you won’t miss it.

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