Three Little Birds Coffee @ The Waterfront, Desa Park City

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“Hi, just want to check with you, is it normal for your Mocha to taste sour?”

“Yes, because the dark chocolate we use is bitter, and the coffee beans are acidic.”

Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, if you say so.


*snaps some photos around*

Three Little Birds Coffee

“Excuse me, why are you taking the photos for? Are you from the press?”

“No, I am taking these photos for my blog. Is it allowed?”

*reluctantly nods his head, with a visibly black face”


That pretty much sums up my experience at Three Little Birds Coffee at Desa Park City. Think what you will from the exchanges we had above.


Also, the chairs here are not for human sit one.

Three Little Birds Coffee
G18, The Waterfront
Desa ParkCity

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