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TLC Charcoal BBQ @ Bandar Puteri Puchong


TLC Charcoal BBQ Entrance

TLC Charcoal BBQ calls themselves a Malaysian style charcoal BBQ restaurant. Set lunch is offered during lunch hours while it’s a la carte buffet when it comes to dinner.

TLC Charcoal BBQ Auto Rotating

One of the things that set TLC Charcoal BBQ apart from the rest is that an auto-rotating BBQ machine is fitted on every table.

So sit back, relax and let the machine grill the food for you. The buffet is categorized into three types: exclusive (RM49.80), special (RM43.80) and basic at RM35.80. The difference lies in the extra dishes and ingredients that you can order.

TLC Charcoal BBQ Sambal Prawn
TLC Charcoal BBQ Sambal Lala

If you opted for the exclusive buffet, you may order salt baked tilapia, sambal fish scallops, oysters and everything else on the menu. For the special, the extra dishes include sambal prawn, sambal lala, sambal squid and kangkung belacan. As for the basic, your choices are pretty much limited to the items placed in the display refrigerator.

TLC Charcoal BBQ Processed Food Skewers

We considered about having the exclusive buffet but dropped that thought immediately when we were told that the scallops and oysters are limited to only 1pc/pax. That was not explicitly stated in the menu so it was kind of misleading to customers. Strictly speaking, it’s not a buffet anymore when you start to limit things.

TLC Charcoal BBQ Grilled Prawns

Here’s the summary of our meal experience:

1. The auto-rotating BBQ machine is fun to use and cooks the food evenly. Real charcoal is used.
2. All the cooked dishes: sambal lala/prawn/squid and kangkung belacan we had were generally delicious. The seafood was fresh and we enjoyed the lala the most.
3. The prawns used for the BBQ were fresh but farm raised, hence lacking in sweetness.
4. The meats were under-marinated, bland and tasted too similar to each other – we got bored quick.
5. The processed food items were alright, probably a tad better than what you get at the normal steamboat buffet places.
6. A canister of seasoning spices is provided on every table and the idea is to sprinkle it on the food for extra flavor. I thought it tasted weird and did not go along with the BBQ, but other people may find it nice.

TLC Charcoal BBQ Restaurant Puchong

Overall, it was a so-so experience which was saved by the sambal seafood. Service was great though, as our plates were cleared consistently and I noticed the refrigerator was always stocked with ingredients.
That said, I would neither recommend or advise against eating here. With everything considered, you might want to consider alternatives like Kilo Grill or KG Korean Charcoal BBQ instead for the same price.

TLC Charcoal BBQ Puchong
TLC Charcoal BBQ Signboard

TLC Charcoal BBQ

No.47-G, Jalan Puteri 1/8, Bandar Puteri Puchong
Tel: 012-9992 002
Business hours: 11.30am – 2.30pm, 6pm – 10.30pm

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