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Toast & Roast Hakka Mee & Char Siew @ SS2


I know Toast & Roast has been blogged to death. But surprisingly there are still quite a number of people (even PJ-ians) who are not aware of this small eatery located in the quiet neighborhood behind Tropicana City Mall. It is easy to drive past this row of shops and pass them as normal houses because they are quite hidden from view. And those whom I have brought here have been hooked on the Hakka Mee and Char Siew since.

toast and roast hakka-mee

The good thing about Toast & Roast is the affordable price. They are basically charging the same price as any hawkers out there and the environment is better too being cleaner and not stuffy. A small bowl of Hakka Mee here is RM4.50 may it be topped with minced meat or char siew. Although they are generous with the toppings (minced meat/char siew/lard) the noodles’ portion is still quite small. So I usually order the large one at RM5.50 as shown here. For the extra portion of noodles given, the RM1 is worth spending.

The Hakka Mee here is nicely done with just the right amount of seasoning. Usually, a dash of pepper is all I add to make it taste more interesting. There’s only one issue I have with the Hakka Mee, which is the inconsistency. On a good day, it would be lovely but dry and a little lumpy on a bad day. I do, however, notice that the bad would happen when I order the Hakka Mee big. That being said comes this dilemma of whether to have it small or big because ordering the former always leave me unsatisfied and wanting for more lol.

toast and roast nice-char-siew

toast and roast lean-char-siew

As for the Char Siew I wouldn’t say it’s fantastic but it certainly belongs to the better ones. A small portion is RM7 and ‘pun fei sao’ is my favorite cut. I always feel that if those charred caramelized edges are not present in the char siew, then I would not enjoy it. A nicely done char siew’s charred parts would be savory and flavorful without a hint of burnt taste while the sinfully delicious fat would just melt in the mouth. This plate of char siew had all the characteristics so it was great.

toast and roast crispy-fish-rolls

Crispy fish roll @ RM5 is a new dish here. The crispiness is perhaps the only thing I like, otherwise it was tasted kinda fishy with a smell I cannot quite put my finger on. Re-used oil maybe?


Besides Hakka Mee and Char Siew they also serve green curries but on certain days only. The restaurant tends to get crowded real quick so come early to avoid any parking problems.

Toast & Roast (Char Siew available only 10:30am onwards)
No. 20, Jalan SS2/72
Petaling Jaya
GPS Coordinates: N3 07.698 E101 37.675
Tel: 016-682 2249
Closed on alternate Tuesdays

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  1. is this actually better than the famous one at aman suria? quite similar, also serves hakka mee and char siew but somehow aman suria one seems more famous.

    • I feel this is better than Aman Suria’s.. I went back to compare the other day and found the Seremban Favorites’ to be bland tasting, it used to be better

  2. Tried once and never returned. Noodles are dry and taste bland… Char siew is average at best for me… a dissapointing searched meal…

  3. Many thanks for your comments.
    FYI,.. our business hours : 8.30 am – 4.30 pm and closed on Tuesdays. Char Siew is available at 9.00 am.

  4. In my opinion, the noodles contains a lot of MSG..first taste is good but as you eat more..the after taste is not too great. And you still somehow taste that lye water taste .

    The char siew though is rather good but it fared slightly lower than the one in Aman Suria.. the “pun fei sao” is slightly too fatty..

  5. Made my first visit over the weekend . Was feeling upbeat abt the comments made . After ordering , the noodles came n waited another 20 mins for the extra side orders or roast pork , Siu Kow Soup n fried wantan. That’s after I approach the counter twice to remind the lady there but was ‘brushed off’ by her saying , YOU HAVE TO WAIT !
    I really wonder is this the sort of attitude when one becomes popular ?? Similar with another ‘popular’ at sunway mas ???

    The Hakka noodles were done right but the char Siew after instruction not so fat have fallen on deaf ears ! So was the roast pork , the guy chopping the meat argued that’s ‘lean’ where one can see the entire piece or pieces to b exact were nothing but fat !!

    The char Siew still burned bits that were not removed before being served to us customers ! Isn’t those bits supposed to be not good for us ?

    Felt disappointed with the attitude more than the food in conclusion … Will I be back ? I doubt so honestly …


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