Toasted Bread Half Boiled Eggs @ Joo Leong Cafe


Along the road to the airport from Bayan Lepas, there’s a coffee shop which is always crowded in the mornings. People throng the place as early as 7am for Joo Leong Cafe’s toasted bread and half boiled eggs. The coffee shop is a bit hard to notice because there’s no signboard or any indications it is selling such breakfast. The many number of vehicles parked outside the coffee shop which stretch as far as 50 meter away show the popularity of this establishment.

toast bread set

A piece of toasted bread, two half boiled eggs served in a cup, and a cup of hot Milo are RM4.10. Frankly it is quite expensive for a simple breakfast like this.

toasted bread

The toasted breads are done in a very original and nostalgic way, with only a layer of butter spread on top. A bottle of castor sugar is provided to let you sprinkle all the sugar you like on the toasted pieces. So they are both salty and sweet.

half boiled eggs

The half boiled eggs are for you to dip the toasted pieces if it suits your taste. For me it was a new experience, and it was quite good actually.

joo leong cafe

Joo Leong Cafe operates from as early as 6.30am and it’s located directly opposite the post office along Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah. I am not sure what they sell in the afternoon but Ipoh Salted Chicken is sold here in the evenings. Try it if you are too lazy to prepare your own toasts and half boiled eggs lol.

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  1. This is 1 of my fav place. For those in FTZ area, roti bakar = this place.

    At night, besides the salted chicken, this place also sells seafood noodles. My opinion of their seafood noodles = ok only.

  2. Yeah..this is my favourite breakfast spot during my intership in Penang.
    They signature set is ‘2 tei 2 liap”- 2 half boiled eggs and 2 set of toasted bread.

    MIss it alot~~

  3. Hmm when i was studyin in KDU pg, when they were still located in the old building, the “OLD” gurney drive there, there is a road stall selling eggs / toast bread from using charcoal.

    Old couple selling it, not sure if they r still around though. Its freaking good…. really a classic, u want 3/4 boil, he can just deliver. he can just agak agak and it will still be perfect. Damn i miss the good old times.

  4. it is THE BEST i tell you! i can eat as much as 3 eggs and 3 pieces of roti but to control my diet i usually only order 2 eggs and 2 pieces of roti. i’ll never get bored of this breakfast. anytime man~

  5. At night they sell porridge i enjoy most cos we can choose our own side dishes like fishball, prawn, meat, fish, vegetables and etc together with the porridge, noodles or bihun. Nice and very full too gee…

  6. Nite time also can eat roti bakar lor and satay but i not really like the satay kuah lor cos it taste too smooth liao. This because he blended the peanut too smooth till i cant really taste and bite on the peanut. Im not sure about u or other people. Maybe u might like it cos different pple different taste ma

  7. At night this shop sell seafood porridge and noodles. Nice but expensive too. Toast still available in night.
    This shop operates since my mom was young.

    vk: You’re right, my mom tried the seafood noodles. Quite tasty, but pricey

  8. Actually, I had my first bite in this shop is when I was back then in my Primary Standard 4. Have some break-in-service (eating) ^^ then recent 1 yr I am back to this lovely breakfast on the Sundays ! it is a 13-yr of history to me already in my memory – as far as I can remember…& the toast is getting better each day! I just love the toast!

    I enjoy the combination of nasi lemak at times too ^^

    It is a must-have to makan :P

    JoyceC’s last blog post..Queensbay Mall in Penang

  9. We had just manufactured a cute looking half boiled egg cooker made of PP material. Small in size and nice design. It comes in 5 different pleasant colors of light yellow, orange, blue, green and pink. It consists of 3 parts:
    01) cover
    02) top container where only 2 eggs with room temperature is preferred
    03) bottom container where boiled water will drip into
    Concept of preparation is simple and easy. Hot boiled water is poured into the top container over 2 eggs (at room temperature), cover it and allow 7-8 minutes for the water to drip into the bottom locked container. It is just nice for two eggs and produces perfectly soft egg white and yolk as a result. Inquiries are welcomed at


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