Toasted Bread @ Sun Yuan Foong Coffee Shop, Ipoh Old Town


After having Char Koay Teow at Nam Heong, we went to the Sun Yuan Foong coffee shop just opposite for a second round of white coffee as well as some toasts.
Well, we initially wanted to try Sun Yuan Loong which is next to Sun Yuan Foong (are you confused with the names yet? lol) but it was just too packed with customers. OK, to clear up the confusion, actually both coffee shops are located side by side opposite Nam Heong. And they even have similar name with the left one ending with “Loong” and the right one “Foong”.
Sun Yuan Foong is claimed to be the recommended coffee shop to go for the original white coffee, while Sun Yuan Loong is run by a close relative of the former. I hope you get it, lol.


One of the most irresistible toasted breads, served with a half boiled egg and sausage. Among the many toast sets to choose from, I highly recommend this as the first to try. Just sprinkle some pepper and soya sauce for extra flavor and it’s good to eat.
A cup of warm and thick white coffee was the perfect companion to the toast sets. And it sure felt nostalgic eating food that haven’t changed for the past twenty years in an old coffee shop.


Another set we ordered was this cheese and ham sandwich, obviously made from a sandwich maker. Nothing special about it.. in fact it didn’t taste very good. There were four of us and we shared the food to leave room for ‘Nga Choy Gai’ as our dinner later that day.
If you think seeing four people sharing two sets of toasts is weird or funny, you haven’t seen anything yet! There were two tables of people next to us with roughly ten people or so, sharing ONE toast set only, LOL! I bet they were tourists and just wanted a little try before moving on to another spot, where they might share a bowl of noodle?
Actually this is quite a common sight in Old Town, earlier I saw a table of four sharing a plate of Char Koay Teow at Nam Heong lol. By the way, there are three things that you must do if you come to Sun Yuan Foong according to their checklist displayed on the wall:

    1. Enjoy a cup of White Coffee
    2. Enjoy a toast set, and
    3. Buy some White Coffee powder back home (if I remembered correctly)

Thinking back, I should have snapped a photo of the checklist!

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  1. i think you should try Sun Yuan Loong coffee and the toasted bread next time. My parents always brought me they when i was kid which about 30 years ago. The best coffee and toasted bread in town. Get a hot coffee and ask for less sugar or less sweet, the ice coffee not taste as good because it’s pre prepared. The toasted bread will melt in you mouth but remember to have it right a way after being served. Have a try, strongly recommended original famous white coffee in Ipoh old town.


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