Tokushima Ramen & New Seasonal Specials @ Ippudo Pavilion

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Fans of ramen chain Hakata Ippudo take note, there will be a new ramen and three new items making an appearance on their menu soon. Available at Pavilion KL and The Gardens Mall outlets only, these new seasonal chef specials will only be available between 6 July and 30 Sept 2015 and are priced from RM13 to RM25++.


The Tokushima Ramen @ RM25++ has a mix of chicken and pork broth with dark soy sauce for that rich and savoury flavour. Instead of chashu pork, it’s topped with thinly sliced pork belly (Butabara) that’s simmered in onion fused soy sauce to create a sweet and slightly salty sensation.
Lastly, a raw egg is cracked on the noodles which adds complexity and richness to the broth’s texture. You could actually see how the clear broth turns thicker as the raw egg (soft boiled egg available upon request) is stirred in. I thought this ramen was delicious – the depth and range of flavours available in it was quite remarkable and memorable.


Somehow, Ippudo managed to combine two of my least favorite ingredients (kimchi and tofu) and turn them into a dish that I unexpectedly liked. The Kimuchi Tofu with Boiled Pork @ RM13 is a great starter that’s just nice to be shared between 2-3 people. The balance of sweet, sour and spicy was well-handled and contributes to the interesting texture of the dish.


Cheese Mentaiko Gyoza @ RM17 is another new appetizer worth trying if you like the cheesy and tangy taste of mentaiko sauce. The gyoza’s pork filling was compact and succulent and tasted good on its own. But with the creamy mentaiko sauce, it was even better.



The last item we tried was the Salmon Fish & Chips @ RM23 – a Western dish with a tiny Asian twist where the potato wedges are drizzled with Thai chilli sauce as well. While white fish such as dory, cod and grouper are used in fish and chips, salmon works wonderfully well too. The flavourful salmon chips are served in mouthful chunks and only a small dip of the tartar sauce is needed to complete the taste.


Again, these items will be available at Ippudo Gardens and Pavilion stores only. You have about 3 months to try them out before they are gone so do plan ahead!


Ippudo @ Pavilion KL
Lot C4.07.00, Connection Level 4,
Pavilion KL (11am – 11pm)

Ippudo @ The Gardens Mall
Lot-T218, 3rd Floor,
The Gardens Mall (10am – 10pm)

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