Tom, Dick & Harry’s – Porky Pub Grub @ TTDI

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Not too long ago a few friends and I were supposed to have an English buffet at a newly opened restaurant at PJ Trade Centre (that ugly brick building just before Kepong toll along LDP) It was their grand opening night, a lot of people came and with that huge crowd around, we felt it would be difficult to have a proper, morever to enjoy our meal. So we decided to go to Tom, Dick & Harry’s at TTDI, which happened to be the next nearest place that we knew had some English food to offer.


Tom, Dick & Harry is actually more of a pub, started by three friends of three nationality: English, Australian and Malaysian. The English dude came to Malaysia after hearing so much about our culture and food and both of them decided to venture into restaurant business. With little experience in F&B operations, luckily they found an Australian dude (called ‘Dick’ because he must be cunning and ruthless, how appropriate) to help them out. Whether this story is true or not – I don’t know but it certainly offered some light moments.

I think they know the pub business is supposed to be relaxed and all so they don’t take it too seriously, which is quite evident in their menu that is dotted with jokes. Because of that I actually took the time to go through each and every dish’s description. But also because of that, I somehow lacked confidence in the food I am going to order and eat later.. And I was partially correct.


Seafood Chowder @ RM12 – a lovely stew combining different seafood like crab, shrimp, shellfish and fish. It was creamy and delicious alright but I just thought they should have given more ingredients for the price they are charging.


Six Pigs in a Blanket served with mustard dipping sauce, basically pork sausage (the pigs) wrapped with bacon (the blanket) if referred to the UK style, traditionally served in Christmas meals. In other countries the ‘wrapper’ could be biscuit dough, pancake or croissant. Despite having a cute name and all, the taste was disappointing because it lacked flavor and the sausages felt mushy. I just prefer my sausages to have a firm and bouncy texture. And they don’t come cheap too, RM15 for 6 sausages so my advice is to skip this totally.


Luckily they got the Fish & Chips right, crispy on the outside and soft and flaky on the inside. The portion is huge as well, so definitely no complaints here. RM20.


The Pork Ribs Curry @ RM20 (served with bread and papadum) is said to be one of their specialties here. Being a sucker for both curry and pork ribs only meant I had to order this. But then again it didn’t manage to impress me. Couldn’t really blame them though because my mom cooks a helluva pork ribs curry so my standards were real high. Two main problems: curry is too thick, not spicy enough and the meat (not entirely pork ribs meat too) felt tough.


My friend’s Shepherd Pie @ RM22, I don’t know how it fared since I did not try.


Harry’s Cheese Burger @ RM22 – no idea too. But judging from the looks I am pretty sure it wasn’t as great as The Pink Sage‘s.


If your just want to unwind and enjoy booze (trust me they have plenty of choices here) with some porky pub grub to go then you would do fine here. I saw most of the patrons were sharing a humongous plate of pork knuckles! However, if your main intention is to enjoy good food I believe there are many other better places to eat around.

Tom Dick & Harry
18, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail, KL
GPS Coordinates: N3 09.276 E101 37.379

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