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Tony Roma’s @ The Gardens, Midvalley


I first visited Tony Roma’s early this year and left disappointed with the set lunch they were promoting. After that, many left comments suggesting I go for the food they’re most famous for – ribs. Pork ribs are available in UK/Singapore but since the menu in Malaysia is halal, the next best thing we can have is beef ribs.

beef ribs

So, when I was given a complimentary meal by Tony Roma’s (TR) Manager Adam I knew it was the perfect chance to sample the famous ribs and other signature dishes. Bountiful Beef Ribs is a plateful of big, meaty beef ribs basted with TR’s sauces.

beef ribs

There are two types of serving size: Roma Rack @ RM49.90 or Full Rack @ RM68.90. Shown here is the Roma Rack which includes three pieces of beef rib, cole slaw and fries. It was really awesome – a little crispy on the outside, but the meat was still soft enough to come off the bones easily.

Among the four TR signature sauces (which come in bottels) of Original, Carolina Honeys, Blue Ridge Smokies and TR’s Red Hots, I liked Carolina Honeys the most. For me, it complemented the dish perfectly.


Soup of the day – Vegetable Beef soup, a hearty and flavorful soup with generous amount of beef slices.


One of our starters was Kickin’ Shrimp @ RM19.90 – tender fresh shrimps are fried to crispy golden brown and tossed in a creamy and slightly spicy sauce, then stacked nicely on a bed of green salad. I read from a blog mentioning that this dish actually used 32 shrimps to prepare! I didn’t count though, lol.


Our second appetizer was Potato Skin @ RM14.90. TR’s potato skin is topped with cheddar cheese and beef bacon, not bad at all. Ranch dressing – a condiment made of mostly sour cream and mayonnaise served as the dipping sauce.

lamb chop

One of TR’s signature steaks – Grilled Lamb Chops @ RM42.90. This is a real value-for-money dish, simply because you will be given five huge pieces of lamb chops!

lamb chop

Three choices of topping (Bleu Cheese Crust, Shiitake Mushrooms or Caramel Glazed Onions) can be added for RM5.90. Accepting the waitress’ recommendation, we opted for Shiitake Mushrooms. Sadly, it turned out to be a bad choice as the mushrooms tasted bitter and ruined the dish a little. This aside, it was actually quite ok.

cod fish

Tony Roma’s is purportedly to well known for their Ribs, Seafood and Steak. Because, that three terms are present in their company’s logo. So, in an attempt to try one dish from every of their specialty we ordered Grilled Pacific Cod served with Kickin’ Sauce @ RM39.90 for the last main course. Topping wise, we took the waitress’ advice again and opted for Kickin’ Sauce.


The Kickin’ Sauce used here was the exact same sauce used for the starter we had earlier, Kickin’ Shrimp. The other toppings available are Thai Sweet Chili Sauce, Garlic Scampi Butter and Tomato Pesto Salad. Side dishes were rice and fresh broccoli. If you don’t fancy Pacific Cod, the other fish you can have is Norwegian Salmon.


For dessert, only TR’s Chocolate Avalanche @ RM12.90 managed to capture my attention. Besides being a signature dessert, the photo of the dessert on the menu was just too tempting. Anyway, you should know that the chocolate avalanche didn’t arrive looking like what was displayed.
In the menu, the dessert was shown as vanilla ice cream sitting on a Molten chocolate cake and hot fudge. But, as you can see the chocolate avalanche was just served in a Margarita glass instead. Taste wise it was good but no where as awesome as Friday’s Mocha Mud Pie.


The different drinks three of us ordered that day (from front to back): Pina Strawberry Swirl @ RM13.90, Strawberry Daiquiri @ RM13.90 and Chocolate Milkshake.
I wouldn’t recommend Strawberry Daiquiri if you like sweet drinks because it’s actually pretty sour. It’s not a bad thing really, as the drink is made by blending real strawberries. And we all know strawberry doesn’t taste sweet actually, lol.


I enjoyed the meal pretty much and it has changed my perception towards Tony Roma’s, they are OK in my book now. One last thing though, I can’t wait to get to Singapore to try out their pork ribs after reading ugwug’s blog post, it looks just too damn awesome!

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