Tony Roma’s Top Favorite Set Lunch @ Pavilion

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I have been wanting to try Tony Roma’s for long already, so I took the chance when I was in Pavilion a while ago. I don’t know much about Tony Roma’s actually, I thought it should be similar to other Western food restaurant like TGIF or Chilis. The biggest difference I notice among them would be the atmosphere. Tony Roma’s is quiet and somewhat formal, TGIF is party-like while Chilis is somewhere between them. Food wise, it is definitely more upscale and same goes for the price. Ordering ala carte would be too expensive. So, I decided to take the set lunch which is advertised as costing less than RM20 instead.

BBQ Quarter Chicken

The set lunch starts from RM16.90 and comes with an entree (main course), soup of the day and beverage. For the entrees, there are a lot to choose from like BBQ 1/4 Chicken, Fish & Chips, Ribeye Steak, Beef Ribs, etc. The most expensive set lunch can go as high as RM44. After much consideration.. we decided to order the cheapest two of all, lol. This is BBQ 1/4 Chicken.

BBQ Chicken Sandwich

The other one was BBQ Chicken Sandwich. Honestly I didn’t expect it to look like this when I placed my order. But what’s there to complain? It was the cheapest.. cannot expect too much. Salad and fries are also served along with the main course.

BBQ Quarter Chicken

BBQ Chicken is the better tasting if compared to the chicken sandwich. Simply because the chicken sandwich was not good at all.

Chicken BBQ Sandwich

The chicken strips are of breast meat so it was quite tough. Then the BBQ sauce has only one taste, sweet. And you are given more BBQ sauce, all four of them. Only difference with the four BBQ sauces are the spiciness and sweetness. Honestly I didn’t really enjoy it, damn regret for ordering this.

Ice Lemon Tea

Beverage of our choice, ice lemon tea. Squeezing the fresh lemon juice into the drink actually makes it nicer.

Cream Corn Soup

Soup of the day was either cream corn soup or chicken noodle soup. We chose cream corn soup because we never tried it before. It came with a small packet of crackers to dip in the soup, nice.

Tony Roma's

Overall, quite disappointed with the meal due to high expectations. Maybe I shouldn’t have ordered the cheapest food but what’s the point of serving good food only at the most expensive price? Not everyone can afford it.. I really believe food can be good even though being the cheapest, and it all depends on the restaurant. It seems unlikely I will return to Tony Roma’s. Unless I got cash to order the nicer food lah lol.

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