Traditional Toast Set @ Toast Box, Pavilion

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I have been eyeing to try Toast Box for a long time because it has managed to attract a beeline of customers constantly. Unlike J.Co, where the queue dies off after the donut craze went down. Besides, their toasts looked really tempting because they prepare them openly. Good tactic to create buzz and attract customers.
Anyway, this thought of trying remained as a thought for a long time, and I never even thought of queing for it. Why? Simply because I was put off by the crowd. I never liked crowded places, especially if it’s a restaurant. Remember my Foh San experience?


But one morning I was at Pavilion for some business and noticed there were very little customers at Toast Box. So, what better opportunity to have their toasts as my breakfast. There were a couple of sets available but I was particularly attracted to the Traditional Toast Set @ RM6.80.


The set consisted of a Butter Kaya Toast, two half-boiled eggs and a cup of coffee or tea. The toasts were great, prepared fresh into having a hot crispy exterior yet soft and chewy on the inside. Nice! They were not stingy with the butter too.


Half boiled eggs, one of the authentic foods every Malaysian would surely enjoy. While I was cracking away my eggs happily, a boy came over to ask for the light soya sauce and pepper on my table. He’s polite, cute and all but he had to call me UNCLE -__-
Great, what a way to start my day lol. Yeah I know I AM qualified to be his uncle for my age. But I still prefer to be called GOR GOR, at least until I get married lah.


I saw quite a number of people grabbing the Nasi Lemak, so I got one for myself too @ RM2.50 a packet. When I opened it I wasn’t too happy with the not-so-faithful ingredients, by putting fishcake instead of hard boiled egg. But the feeling was fast gone once I started to dig in the nasi lemak. It was flavorful and very spicy, just the way I like it.


After placing your order and paid for it, you will be queuing on the other side of the outlet for your toasts. Here you can see how it’s prepared. I have to say it’s quite an interesting sight, especially that mound of butter lol.


Will definitely return to try their other toasts like those which have chicken floss as toppings. And recently I found out that Toast Box actually had a outlet in Sunway Pyramid too. It looked very quiet though.
Despite being more pricey and having less choices, I still feel Toast Box is a better alternative for toasts once in a while compared to Old Town Kopitiam, or those Old Town Kopitiam wannabes that are mushrooming and closing down like crazy. And if you are wondering, I am still in Taiwan lol. Back tomorrow.

Toast Box @ Food Republic
Lot 1.41.00, Level 1,
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

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