Traditional Tong Sui Stall @ Glutton Street, Muar

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If you are visiting Muar I am pretty sure you would visit their famous Glutton Street. Although there are quite a number of stalls along the street, most of the food is repetitive since there are multiple stalls selling the same thing. But among all, there is one dessert stall which I find quite unique and their traditional ‘tong sui‘ is worth a try.


I am not sure if they actually rotate their ‘tong sui’ selection but we were offered Tau Suan (Mung Bean dessert), green bean soup, bubur cha-cha and peanut soup on that day. Among all I would say the peanut soup would be the one to try here while the rest are pretty common. We also ordered a bowl of bubur cha-cha and to my delight, it tasted very similar to how my grandmother used to prepare it (with tapioca jelly, not many people would still do this nowadays). One taste and I was automatically transported back to my childhood.

Just by looking you should to be able to tell that it is not the usual ‘fa sang wu’ you get in the chained franchise dessert house. Instead of being thick and creamy, the peanuts actually still have their original shape and are cooked in a mildly sweet broth. The peanuts’ texture is completely different from what you would have expected too, as they are soft after being slow-boiled and melts in your mouth – very comforting and satisfying.


Most customers take away the desserts but for those who prefer to eat here, there is a table just behind the stall.



Tong Sui @ Muar’s Glutton Street
T’am Cjia Kuay (贪呷街)
Along Jalan Haji Abu
Muar 84000
GPS Coordinates: N2 02.810′ E102 34.125′

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