Tzuk Sheng Lao Duck Egg Bamboo Noodle @ Damansara Utama


** This restaurant has ceased operations. **

If you have been to Hong Kong and would love to savour their Cantonese wonton noodles again, you should head to Tzuk Sheng Lao at once. The restaurant is located in Damansara Utama and is popular for its traditional duck egg bamboo noodle, made painstakingly by the sifu who needs to ride on a bamboo log to press the noodle’s ingredients together for that desirable texture.

tzuk sheng lao Sai-Yong-Wantan-Mee

The only thing I really disliked about Hong Kong’s wonton noodle is the alkaline odour present in the noodle itself. It’s so strong that it taints the soup’s flavour, making the dish taste like soap. No kidding!
Which is why the wonton noodle at Tzuk Seng Lao appeals to me – it has absolutely no alkaline taste at all. The ‘Sai Yong‘ (細蓉) @ RM6.30 is served exactly like intended – in a small bowl with a portion of noodle and four dumplings underneath it.

tzuk sheng lao Prawn-and-Pork-Wantan

Now, you might be wondering why the wontons are ‘hidden’. Well, that’s because you are supposed to enjoy the noodle at its best while it’s still springy and al dente – all before it goes soggy after being simmered in the soup for too long. The wontons are predominantly pork with a whole shrimp, one that you can still taste when biting into it. The soup was delightfully flavoursome and left me wanting more, simply delicious.

tzuk sheng lao-Bamboo-Noodles

With more than a dozen of toppings (eg. sliced abalone, roast pork, char siew, braised pork etc) to choose for the noodles, I think you will face a hard time deciding which to order.
The Farm Chicken Bamboo Noodle @ RM10 (small) is not bad but the portion of chicken given is slightly underwhelming, especially when compared to the photo shown on the menu. For those here in a group, it is probably a better idea to get plain noodles for everyone and get the a la carte side dishes for sharing.


Mixed BBQ Pork and Roasted Pork Platter @ RM15.90 – the siu yuk is good and worthy of a try but the char siew is far too lean to be recommended.


tzuk sheng lao-Wantan-Mee-Restaurant

Despite being pricier than the normal local wantan mee sold at hawker stalls, I think the price you pay is justified. Everything you get is at a much better quality: fresh noodles, plump wontons and delicious, MSG free soup. Not to mention the clean and air conditioned environment too.
Lastly, if you plan to drop by, do it soon because they are offering a 15% discount on all food and drinks in conjunction with their first anniversary celebration. I am not sure how long this offer will last.

Tzuk Sheng Lao (next to Ryokan Chic Hotel)
No 103M, Jalan SS21/37
Damansara Utama, 47400 PJ
Tel: 03-7732 9103
Business hours: Mon – Fri (11.30am – 10pm), Sat, Sun & Public Holidays (8.30am – 10pm)

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  1. Hi VKeong!

    Great recommendation! i went to try it last Sunday, and i’d say, your description of the food is spot on!

    Thanks for the great work! :)


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