Udon Kobo Min Min @ Damansara Utama


If you a fan of udon noodles then you should check out Udon Kobo Min Min, a relatively new restaurant at Damansara Utama that makes their own udon noodles in store – fresh and twice daily.
Although they specialize in udon, katsudon, donburi, onigiri, sashimi and a handful of snacks are also available in their menu. So, there’s something for everyone here.


The selection of udon choices is great and diverse to please a variety of tastes: hot with soup, dry, cold, seafood, beef, pork and vegetables. Price wise, they are affordable enough to warrant repeated visits since none of the items exceed RM20, if I remember correctly.
Curry Udon @ RM18.90 came highly recommended and I could see why. The rich and creamy curry was already a winner, fragrant and brilliantly seasoned with the right level of sweetness.
Then there’s also a generous serving of thick pork belly slices in the noodles which gives it a meaty bite. Take a mouthful of nice chewy udon followed by a piece of pork belly, all coated in a wonderful curry sauce. What else can I say, it’s simply delicious.


For something savoury you won’t go wrong with the Mentaimayo Udon @ RM17.90. It’s basically a cold udon served with a creamy blend of cod roe and mayonnaise. While it would seem cloying, it was actually quite appetizing and refreshing to taste.
You could think of this as a Japanese version of carbonara but minus the cheese and toppings. If there’s an option to add some seafood on it then it would be even better – I am thinking either squid or salmon.


If your budget allows, then the salmon sashimi @ RM18.90 is a must try. Min Min gets their salmon from suppliers twice a week and the grade is similar to what you’d get at a local 5-star hotel restaurant.
Just look at the vibrant orange colour of the salmon’s flesh, that tells you a lot about its quality. They don’t stinge on the portion too, as each slice is thick and satisfying.


Not everyone loves udon so fortunately some of the more common Japanese rice dishes such as the Yakiniku Don. Donburi is available in two serving sizes – mini or big with a difference of RM7. What you see above is the mini serving, not too shabby right? Moreover, the price is more than justified considering it’s only RM10.90. Not to mention it tasted good too.


Though not the best in town, I thought the gyoza @ RM8.90 was alright. But one can’t really complain with this price.


Onsen Tamago @ RM3 is worth ordering just to experience the egg’s unique and delicate texture in a light, mildly sweet sauce.


As for desserts there’s Mizu Mochi (or water mochi) and a couple of ice cream and sherbet. The Mizu Mochi @ RM6.90 is a fairly new dessert that came out sometime around last year. It’s transparent, jelly like and tasteless so it relies on the toppings for flavour. Traditionally it’s served with sugar syrup and a dash of roasted soy powder.
If you prefer something chilled then the Yuzu sherbet would be perfect. It’s imported from Japan and the citrusy taste is absolutely refreshing to the palate.


Set meals are not offered here. Instead you have the choice to turn any udon into a set by selecting one of the 6 available upgrades available.


Overall we were pleased with the food at Min Min. They might be new but they seem to know what they are doing, and they are doing it well. If you happen to be nearby and looking to enjoy an honest meal for an honest price, this is the place to be.


Udon Kobo Min Min
No 72 GF, Jalan SS 21/35
Damansara Utama
Tel: 012-319 0028
Business hours: 11.30am – 2.30 pm, 6pm – 10pm

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