Ukiyo Osaka Yakiniku @ Sri Petaling

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It’s high time Sri Petaling has a yakiniku restaurant. Ukiyo Osaka Yakiniku opened about 2 months ago at the neighborhood’s hottest commercial spot where dozens of F&B outlets can also be found.
While there are a couple of Japanese restaurants around, Ukiyo Osaka Yakiniku is the only one that specializes in Japanese BBQ.


Their menu offers more than 30 kinds of ingredients including both seafood and meat ranging from common to premium items such as Australian Wagyu and giant freshwater prawn.
But if you prefer to dine within a specific budget, there are a couple of worthy and affordable set meals available. They are priced between RM35 to RM55 – not bad at all if you ask me.


Like all good yakiniku restaurants, you will be grilling your food on hot charcoal stoves for that authentic experience and flavor. Every table is equipped with a strong smoke extractor, powerful enough to suck all the smoke from the grill so there will be minimal smell.


A homemade dipping sauce is also served (spicy or non spicy versions available) which I feel works best for dipping seafood.


Among the numerous items we had, some were more superior and should be on top of your list to try. They are as follow:



Superior AUS Wagyu @ RM38 – tender and flavorful evident from the fine marbling, best to grill each side for 30 seconds or less to fully enjoy them.



Supreme Ox Tongue @ RM25 – must order, probably my favorite of the entire meal!



Supreme AUS Lamb Rack @ RM35 – thick and juicy cut, great on its own and can also be enjoyed by wrapping it with melted Mozzarella cheese.


Chicken Wings @ RM10 – very fresh and goes well with rice. The simple seasoning brings out the natural flavor of the chicken.



Scallops @ RM18 – plump and sweet, extra juicy and aromatic with the melted butter. So good we ordered seconds.


Giant Freshwater Prawn @ RM50 – I have to admit they are not exactly cheap so I would only recommend them for special occasions when you want to impress your company.


These are by far some of the largest freshwater prawns I have seen and their heads are filled with creamy orange roe. Sucking on them is an extremely satisfying experience, to say the least.



Other items we tried include Premium AUS Tenderloin @ RM28 and Premium Spain Pork Belly @ RM13.


While you are here, have some side dishes like Butter Corn @ RM7 and Butter Enoki @ RM8 for an even more filling meal. Other selections include gyoza, cheese potato, salad and more.


But for those who must have rice for dinner, you won’t go wrong with either the Japanese Steamed Rice with Egg Yolk @ RM6 or Japanese Steamed Rice with Crab Meat @ RM8. Personally, I prefer the one with egg yolk, it just pairs well better with grilled meat.




Ukiyo Osaka Yakiniku
19, Jalan Radin Bagus 5
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur
Hours: 5pm – 12am
Tel: 013-615 6529

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