Unbelievably Bad Dim Sum @ Kedai Kopi Mee Bon, Jalan Ipoh


I like to blog about good food. I honestly believe that no food blogger with a right mind wants to write about bad eating places because that defeats the purpose of having a food blog. But there are some places that I think I should warn you all about and Mee Bon Dim Sum restaurant along Jalan Ipoh is one of them. Usually I leave what-I-think-is-lousy-makan-places alone but when a “highly regarded” food blogger rates the dim sum here as “super tasty” – it just flips me out. And the irony is that the writer (an expat if you are wondering) claims to have had the best dim sums in the region.


The shop. Despite having so many steaming baskets our dim sum arrived lukewarm.


Anyway, the dim sum selection here is only limited to steamed ones and most of them are prepared without flair and look less than appetizing. I wouldn’t mind if they were at least decent tasting but the truth is that these so called “super tasty” dim sum are basically minced meat wrapped in dumpling skin. Not only the ingredients are not fresh, they also taste so similar to each other that there is no point in ordering different items.


Truthfully, only the ‘char siew bao’ and fish balls tasted edible and we are actually being extremely kind with that assessment.


Do yourself a favor and eat at KFC located just down the street instead.

Kedai Kopi Mee Bon
419 Jalan Ipoh,
51200 Kuala Lumpur

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  1. I live in those parts most of my life and have eaten there when dim sum places were not readily available like nowadays. They make their own dim sum and paus and have not change with the times. Their dim sum is mainly mince pork. Their biz is still very good and probably people who likes eating this kind of dim sum continue to patronize them. I have stopped going there ever since the other dim sum shop opened a few doors away.

  2. many many many many years back i heard it was famous. when i visit, i can barely put the dim sum into my mouth. any neighbourhood dim sum restaurant can do better than it! (well, living in menjalara i have a various choices of decent quality dim sum shops)

  3. now cannot find any good dim sum in KL area, most good restaurant in malaysia cannot their standard. This is very common in malaysia, i strongly suspect because of the cost. A good food always need to have fresh ingredient.

  4. Have always heard that they are good but haven’t really try it myself at all, also throughout the years, have heard that it’s not as good as well…so I guess that figures.

  5. Please look at the signage before you comment anything. Dim sum is not their selling point!!

    Noone go there for dim sum , because soso/below averate only.

    People go there for bao only. Bao is good.

    You dun know , can ask around.
    Which sohai tell you super tasty.

  6. Give the expat dog’s dinner or food from other countries they will tell you it is good. Because if you have sandwiches and boiled potatoes, with no spices, for most of your meals, what other food is not tasty?

  7. Yeah, I totally agreed with you. Mee Bon Dim Sum is not good as last time, there are no taste at all. So sad to said that. Nowdays alot ppl not eating dim sum taste because they dip in the chilli & sweet sauce as much as they can, this is calling sauce dip eating and how can they get the taste or the original food taste.

    Btw, I saw someone said Menjalara Dim Sum good, can I know which 1??.. Pls dun tell me is Fu Loy lor…. not much different as Mee Bon…

    I personally reconmend Jin Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum (D.U. Branch) and Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant (PJ Branch). Btw, the price is little bit higher than normal (might around 10%-20%).. As saying, no regret

    • I don’t eat at the dim sum restaurants in Menjalara anymore.. most of them are bad. If I had to go for dim sum in Kepong I’d choose Min Huang near Carrefour (now AEON)

  8. I agree wholeheartedly! Stay just few minutes away from Jalan Ipoh and have never gone back ever since we tried it for the very first time. The weird thing is they are doing good business every day and every night, good feng shui perhaps?

  9. there is a reason for the crowds. those dim sum are old fashioned dim sum and unlike others out there, authentic canton dim sum suppose to be this way.

  10. If you are going to run a triathlon, go ahead and eat more at Mee Bon…even their fishball is on sugar and msg overload


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