Uncle Leong Seafood – Crabbylicious Crabs @ Ang Mo Kio Ave 3

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If you guys don’t know yet, I have relocated to Singapore due to work reasons. I have been here for a week and I will continue to be here for at least a year or longer till my new project ends. To be honest, I was quite hesitant about traveling to Singapore because everything I had is in Malaysia but I took up the opportunity after all.
I am currently in the midst of sorting out my life – finding a room to stay, getting Internet access, adapting to new job responsibilities and etc. So if you feel I have been slow in updating and find my recent entries are posted very cincai-ly, this is the reason lol.
Since I am talking about Singapore, I might as well talk about the food. One month prior to relocating to Singapore, SL and I took a weekend trip here. That time, I kinda knew I was going to work in Singapore soon but nothing was officially confirmed yet.
The first night of our trip we took a bus to Ang Mo Kio Ae 3 to try some crab dishes in Uncle Leong Seafood Restaurant, a seafood restaurant highly recommended by her sister who have dined there a couple of times.


I noticed that many seafood restaurant in Singapore serves Sri Lanka Crab for their crab dishes, Uncle Leong included. Sri Lanka Crabs are like a much bigger version of the mud crab or meat crab we always see in Malaysia.
A must try dish in Uncle Leong would be his Crab Mee Hoon, in which a whole Sri Lanka Crab is used to prepare a claypot’s portion of mee hoon. I was quite skeptical about the taste initially but the dish totally blew my mind. It was freaking CRABBYLICIOUS.


This is the size of a single claw from the Sri Lanka crab, just look at its monstrous size (use the chopstick and compare). And this is found in a coffee shop under in a normal HDB block, not any classy seafood restaurant!
First, take a sip of the delicious, milky sweet broth that fully contains the crab’s essence. The broth was so flavorful that it actually makes your tongue feel numb for a second, rendering the other dishes tasteless in comparison. Next, pick up a claw and be awed by the amount of crab flesh you can uncover after stripping off the shells. Then, get ready for a taste of heaven when you sink you teeth into the inches thick of tender flesh, absorbing all the natural sweetness.
In short, it was orgasmicly good. I have eaten a lot of crabs in my life and nothing comes close to the satisfaction I got from a single bite of Uncle Leong’s crab.


The next crab dish was called Golden Sand Crab – a whole Sri Lanka Crab doused in a cheesy and peppery sauce then topped with oat flakes (the so called Golden Sand). This is actually Uncle Leong’s signature dish, which he invented not too long ago. By the way, do you know he’s actually a Malaysian?



Golden Sand Crab was an equally enjoyable dish with the crab meat having a more robust texture and flavor if compared to the one found in Crab Mee Hoon. The cheesy sauce complimented the dish well too, with some peppery taste to perk it up.


We also ordered a plate of Fried Chicken in Thai Sauce, not bad.


There is an aquarium in Uncle Leong’s restaurant showing the large live Sri Lanka crabs. You can either choose the crabs yourself, or simply let Uncle Leong select them for you. But according to him there is no guarantee on the crabs’ condition, as some might end up having their meat stuck to the shell when cooked (also known as ‘Water Crab’- 水蟹)


Although Uncle Leong’s crab dishes are the best I have had so far, there was a price to pay. Our dinner came to a little over $150 or RM370 including drinks and another vegetable dish. In total we had about 2.5 kg of crab, which was charged at $38/kg or RM93/kg. By Malaysian standards that’s insanely expensive lol. But I felt the satisfaction was worth every penny.

Uncle Leong Seafood
233 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3,
Street 22 #01-1194.
Tel: 6554-3453
Note: Come early to avoid queue

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