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** Kecahra Oasis is no longer operating at Viva Home Mall, they can still be found at Jaya One. **

Suggest vegetarian food to a meat eater for a meal and you will probably receive a funny look, like “are you serious?”. Most non-vegetarian like us usually only have vegetarian food for festive and special occasions, or when we feel like eating cheap and healthy.
But if you were tasked to convince a meat lover to change his perception about vegetarian food, just bring him to Kechara Oasis – where vegetarianism is encouraged through New Age Vegetarian Cuisine, where vegetarian dishes are prepared to appear appealing and delectable.

Kechara Oasis Private Dining Room

Ingredients used in Kechara’s meat and seafood alternatives are (typically) wheat gluten, potato, tofu and soy-based. Texture aside, the flavor is equally important as well, which is why the meatless dishes at Kechara are expertly cooked to mimic the taste of the actual dish.
After a meal here, I am convinced that you will develop a deeper sense of appreciation for some of the finer nuances in food – seasoning and flavoring.

Mandala of Five Prosperity

Great for sharing among a group of diners, the Mandala of Five Prosperity @ RM58 is a platter of Kechara Oasis’ five signature dishes. The presentation of the dish is peculiarly stylish. There are even blinking light bulbs in the center of the platter, how cool is that?

Butter Mushrooms

Among the five, the Butter Mushrooms is undeniably the best tasting one. The oyster mushrooms were deep fried to a perfect crisp while the accompanying butter sauce was outrageously delicious.
This is a must try here as testified by most of the customers who have tasted it before, us included of course. If you want to try this without getting the Mandala of Five Prosperity, don’t fret because it’s also available in a la carte.

Kung Pao Squid

If we were not told beforehand, we wouldn’t have expected the ‘cuttlefish’ in the Kung Po Cuttlefish is actually made from potato starch.
We were amazed at how similar it was to a real cuttlefish, as it had the same unique soft and plump texture. The kung po sauce was brilliant as well and the addition of cashew nuts added a fresh crunch to the dish.

Fried Spring Rolls

Jade Rolls – thin crispy fried spring rolls stuffed with a fish-paste like filling and seasoned predominantly with lemongrass and other herbs.

Fruit Salad

A delightfully fresh fruit salad made up of grapes, honeydew and green apple.

Deep Fried Prawn Skewers

Prawn Skewers are another seafood dish included in the platter. It’s a straightforward and satisfying dish to enjoy, especially when dipped in their unique homemade chili sauce.

Assam Wa Wa Fish

At RM29.80, the Assam Fish is a steal for its price due to the large serving size, it can be shared easily among 5-6 people. While the ‘fish’ tasted good on its own like something that used to swim in the ocean, it was the appetizing and tangy assam sauce that made the dish. Once you’ve tried it, there’s no stopping you from eating it with rice.

Yam Basket with Lotus Roots and Macadamia Nuts

For something that’s truly vegetarian, the Yam Basket with Lotus Roots and Macadamia Nuts (RM28.80) will not disappoint. The medley of ingredients were lightly stir fried to maintain their desirable crunchy texture, while the yam basket was light and fluffy with a crispy skin.

Kehara Oasis Steamed Momo

Momo is a type of dumpling native to Tibet and it’s not commonly found in KL. If you still have room, do give this chewy snack a try because it’s a popular street food in the Himalayan region.
They are stuffed with potatoes, vegetables, herbs and cheese and served with chili oil for an extra kick. There are two variants available: fried or steamed so it’s up to your own preference.

Banana Red Bean Rolls

Dessert wise, you won’t go wrong with the tried-and-tested Banana Red Bean Rolls (6pcs) @ RM6.90. Simple yet delicious, they tasted as good as I remembered and now even finished with an extra drizzle of caramel.
Other desserts available in the menu include Lotus Paste Pancakes, Chilled Crystal Balls and Sweet Peanut Cream – just to name a few. What’s better is that all of them are affordably priced under RM10, some even cost less than RM5!

Cold Pressed Fruit Juice

As for beverage, the Cold Pressed Fruit Juices are highly recommended, especially the Rejuvenating Boosters which has a blend of apples, lemons and oranges. I don’t usually rave about a fruit juice, but this was really well concocted and it was truly refreshing and amazing to drink.

Kechara Oasis Hall

Indulging in fine food aside, you will also be contributing to a good cause by having a meal a Kechara Oasis, as all profits obtained from Kechara Paradise (a collectibles store) and the restaurant are channeled to support the main organisation and its activities.
One of them is Kechara Soup Kitchen which distributes halal vegetarian food to the homeless each week, provide basic on-street medical care, counseling and other services. To learn more about the Kechara Buddhist organization, head to their website at

Kechara Oasis Viva Home Cheras

Kechara Oasis (Jaya One)
63 & 67-P1, Block D,
The Suites, Jaya One,
No 72A, Jalan Universiti
46200 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 012-818 8384
Business hours: 11am – 3pm, 6pm – 10pm

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