VinegPlus Fruit Vinegar Bar @ KL Gateway, Bangsar South

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If you have been looking for an alternative to fruit juice and coffee – try VinegPlus‘ fruit vinegar drinks. VinegPlus is a local fruit vinegar bar that prides itself in using fruit vinegar in all their drinks. Currently, they have 7 outlets in KL and Penang and all of them are situated in shopping malls.

Naturally the first question that comes to mind is: wouldn’t vinegar taste odd in a juice, like too sour? Well you’d be surprised to know that the taste is actually really good. I tried their sample in the mall once and I was hooked immediately.

VinegPlus Fruit Vinegar Bar Drinks

Flavor aside, VinegPlus’ drinks are also healthier than normal fruit juice – simply because the fiber in the fruit is also included. They blend whole pieces of fruit in their smoothies so you are not drinking sugary water that’s insanely high in calories. The fiber also helps to keep you satiated and ultimately prevents you from over eating.

VinegPlus KL Gateway Bangsar South
VinegPlus Blending Fruit Vinegar Juice

VinegPlus’ range of drinks are offered in 8 categories but they share more similarities than differences. The selection boils down to what tickles your taste buds.
If it’s a hot day and you are feeling thirsty, go for their Vineg Freezer. If you are looking for a snack between meals, then opt for the Vineg Nutri. For something delicious yet healthy at the same time, you will definitely enjoy the Vineg Joy and Combo series.

VinegPlus Fruit Vinegar Smoothies

My favorite is the Banana Nutri @ RM10 which is shown in the background. It’s a combination of banana, passion fruit vinegar, apple vinegar, cereal and low fat milk and blitzed with crushed ice.
You can probably tell from the ingredients that it’s more of a nutritional shake. There’s also no need for added sugar, as the natural sweetness from the fruit balances out the vinegar’s tartness perfectly.
I just love the fragrance of banana and the smooth, creamy and rich texture that you can sip on slowly. Like all drinks, the flavor changes according to the temperature. Personally, I find it most delicious once it has warmed up a bit – say 2 to 3 minutes after purchase.

VinegPlus Mulberry Vinegar
VinegPlus Fruit Vinegar Halal

VinegPlus is also the exclusive distributor of Kong Yen’s fruit vinegar (which they use in their drinks) and they are available for sale in bottles at all their kiosks. As you can see their fruit vinegar are halal certified by Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association so it’s suitable for everyone.
If you want to make your own fruit vinegar drink at home, just grab a bottle here. The formula is pretty much an open secret: 1 part vinegar, 5 part water (or ice) and feel free to add and mix as much fruits as you like into the blender.

VinegPlus Chia Plus Chia Seed Beverage
VinegPlus Chia Seed Beverage

For those who are busy, you may consider VinegPlus’ Chia Seed Beverage @ RM6/bottle. They come in a couple of flavors and there are only 3 ingredients in each bottle: fruit vinegar, water and chia seeds. It’s as natural as it gets.

VinegPlus Fruit Vinegar Chia Seed Beverage

The amount of chia seeds they give is kind of crazy and that alone is a reason to try it. I have tried chia seed drinks at other places and none of them can provide the same value at similar prices. If I have them in my fridge I usually pop a bottle in the morning as a pre-lunch drink.

VinegPlus Fruit Vinegar Bar Bangsar South

Anywany, don’t take my word for it. The next time you walk by VinegPlus’ kiosk, try some of their free samples for yourself – you will be glad you did. They can be found in some of the biggest malls in KL and Penang but do visit their Facebook page for the full list.

VinegPlus Fruit Vinegar Bar

Branch list:
1) KL Gateway Mall Bangsar South, LG1.K5(II)
2) Mid Valley Megamall, KL (Level LG)
3) Tropicana City Mall, KL (Level LG)
4) Jaya Shopping Centre (Level 1)
5) Publika, Solaris Dutamas KL (Level UG)
6) Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang (Level LG)
7) Gurney Plaza, Penang (Level B1)

Business hours: 10am – 10pm
Tel: 03-6259 8688

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