Visiting Toy Story Land & Flights of Fantasy Parade @ Hong Kong Disneyland


** This post is a continuation to my Hong Kong Disneyland trip.


Since the weather forecast predicted there will be rain with occasional thunder in the second day of our trip, we anticipated the worst of not being able to see the Flights of Fantasy Parade as well as visiting Toy Story Land. But to our pleasant surprise, the weather was only cloudy in the morning then sunny with clear blue skies for the rest of the day.



This is the shuttle bus I mentioned previously. We hopped on to get to Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel for our breakfast at the Victorian themed Enchanted Garden Restaurant which starts at 9.30am.


The beautiful entrance to the restaurant.



What makes Enchanted Garden Restaurant more than a buffet restaurant is the fact that Mickey and his friends (Daisy, Goofy and Pluto) will be greeting everyone at their tables. So instead of having to queue to get your pictures with them in the theme park later, you get to do this the first thing in the morning. The kids will be thrilled, that’s for sure. I should know because the kids next to our table wouldn’t stop hugging Daisy throughout the breakfast. The happy smiles on their faces? Simply priceless.


The food spread is good with international selections so you are sure to find something suited to your taste.


After a magical breakfast, we proceeded to enter the theme park again. This time our focus was to conquer the latest attraction – Toy Story Land. I recommend visiting it as soon as possible before the crowd grows. Another reason being Toy Story Land closes slightly earlier than the rest of the attractions, approximately 1.5 hours before the fireworks show.


As you can see, there are further new attractions opening soon to offer fresh experiences to visitors.

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  1. Hello, Im a student from Limkokwing and I’m doing an assignment regarding website critique. I have look through each site and this one had caught my eyes. It is very attractive as the pictures posted are very nice! Also, I’m a big fan of Disney. Apart from that, the content that you have written are top-notch! Quality over quantity, very short but informative and interesting.

    Although the layout is plain and simple the pictures that you have used were the one that captivated me. The restaurants looks expensive but seeing the excitement of the customers and the food makes me want to go there!


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