Visiting Toy Story Land & Flights of Fantasy Parade @ Hong Kong Disneyland



Since we were already at the Main Street Station when the parade ended, we thought, why not hop on the Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad.


Actually this is the first attraction you would see upon entering the theme park. And because it is located at an elevation of 39 feet (as shown on the station’s sign), you get a nice view of the park while standing in front of the station. The Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad has two passenger trains and would stop at two stops: Main Street USA (where we were at) and Fantasyland.


While on the train, you are taken on a ‘Grand Circle Tour‘ traveling over 1,500 meters around the theme park and provides you with some unique views that could only been seen from the train itself. Firstly, it travels through Adventureland and arrives at the next stop – Fantasyland.
After picking up more passengers, we were given a view of the Fantasy Gardens, Space Mountain and a glimpse of Autopia’s tracks. Later we could see Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters building as well at Tomorrowland with the Little Green Men on a wall saying ‘oooh’ and ‘ahhhh’ to all of us. Cute.


Even the Disney princesses made an effort to come out and greet the passengers.


After taking a trip around the park and got down at the Main Street stop, we figured that we never really entered the Animation Academy. As an effort to visit all the attractions within Hong Kong Disneyland, we decided to catch the next available session, which luckily for us was just about 5 minutes away.
Because the queue is relatively short for this attraction, I feel it is somewhat underrated. Our visit to the Animation Academy was one of the more enjoyable things we did because we actually got to draw Disney characters and also take the artwork home as memorabilia.


Guests get to learn to draw different characters in different sessions. During our session, a Disney artist taught us how to draw Winnie the Pooh. Basically each guest has their own drawing table and all they need to do is follow the artist’s step-by-step instruction, which is given in a very simple yet concise manner.


Here’s my drawing of Winnie the Pooh. Not bad right lol.


Some artworks hung at a corner of the academy.



By the time we completed the drawing session it was already early evening and lights start to illuminate the theme park.



But the Town Square is still bustling with activities as guests form queues to to meet and greet with the Disney characters. The most popular characters had to be Mickey and Minnie who make an appearance at the gazebo in the center of Town Square.
Ah well, we weren’t in the mood for queuing so we had our photos taken with the rest of the gang like Goofy and Chip ‘n’ Dale. Still priceless if you ask me. After catching the fireworks show (no pictures since I already blogged about it previously) we proceeded to Walt’s Cafe at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel for our dinner.

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