Visiting Toy Story Land & Flights of Fantasy Parade @ Hong Kong Disneyland



Come night, the spectacular musical fountain located at the Park Promenade has lights added to the show. It features Mickey Mouse surfing up and down using the spout of a whale while being surrounded by his gang. A medley of Disney music plays throughout the show and the colourful lightings change dramatically according to the tone of the music being played.


You could think of Walt’s Cafe as a casual fine dining restaurant. There are over 50 images of Walt Disney himself in the restaurant, most of them depicting the rare moments of his life that are not often seen by others.


Our mocktails.


We were served a four-course dinner menu, starting with the appetizer of Chilled Chicken and Crabmeat Terrine with Seared Tuna and Cobb Salad.


A delicious soup – Roasted Vine Tomato Soup with Basil Pesto in Demitasse. It certainly looks like an espresso of tomato soup.


The main course was a platter of Pan-Fried Hen Breast with Prawn Stuffing, Slow-cooked Short Ribs of Beef and Baked Miso-marinated Cod Fillet with seasonal vegetables and red skin potatoes. Among all three, both of us enjoyed the cod fillet the most – it was fresh and flaky with a mild but delectable flavor.


For dessert, Cinnamon Apple Tart with Vanilla ice-cream as dessert. The end of our dinner at Walt’s Cafe also marked an end to our trip to Hong Kong Disneyland, as we Were scheduled to leave the resort the next morning. It certainly feels bittersweet having to leave the carefree 48 hours we had behind and return to the world of reality. But at least we have lots of photos, a couple of videos and some souvenirs to remember by.

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  1. Hello, Im a student from Limkokwing and I’m doing an assignment regarding website critique. I have look through each site and this one had caught my eyes. It is very attractive as the pictures posted are very nice! Also, I’m a big fan of Disney. Apart from that, the content that you have written are top-notch! Quality over quantity, very short but informative and interesting.

    Although the layout is plain and simple the pictures that you have used were the one that captivated me. The restaurants looks expensive but seeing the excitement of the customers and the food makes me want to go there!


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