Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles – $10 Premium Prawn Noodle

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Is Wah Kee‘s Big Prawn Noodle @ the ultimate Prawn Noodle? I would certainly want to think so, at least from the looks of the mega-sized tiger prawns.
The flesh the prawns are packing is thicker than two thumbs! Imagine sinking your teeth into those fleshy meats. But this kind of sensation doesn’t come cheap as each bowl containing three gigantic tiger prawns cost $10, or RM24.


Of course this isn’t the only choice of order available at Wah Kee. You can opt for the normal ones, starting from $3, $5, $8 then the ultimate one at $10. What’s the difference you ask? Well, the size of the prawns of course!
For every $2-3 extra you pay, the size of the prawns you get increases exponentially too. Since I traveled quite far just to get here, I thought ‘what the heck’ and went for the most premium one. Besides, just how often do you see Prawn Noodle served with prawns so large it is half the size of the bowl lol.


Actually the $10 Prawn Noodle comes in two parts: a bowl of noodle, and a wok of prawns. Singapore’s version of Prawn Noodle has less ingredients compared to Malaysia. What they don’t put are pork slices and fish cakes, while pork ribs depends on individual outlet.


The soup served in the mini wok has a much redder hue as well as a sweeter, prawny flavor – seems to be prepared using a more intense stock. While waiting for my order I observed the preparation process. I noticed the tiger prawns were cooked by swishing them in a separate pot of soup, which could very well be source the extra flavor.


I can’t deny that Wah Kee’s Prawn Noodle is good. The satisfaction from the big juicy prawns alone was worth the money and time spent queing (30 min!) for it.
Even then, there’s a but.. Yeah, everything comes with a ‘but’ now. Being born and bred in Penang, where our Hokkien Mee is a highly competed hawker food, I have to say Penang Hokkien Mee still has the edge. Simply because of all the famous Prawn Noodles I have tasted in Singapore, they all lacked that something – the spicy ‘kick’ from a good chili paste.

Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles
Blk 41A Cambridge Road Hawker Centre (Pek Kio)
#01-15 7.30am to 2pm (Mondays closed)

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