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Wantan Mee @ Chulia Street, Penang


This is not the best Wantan Mee in Penang but it is good. Nameless and often referred as the ‘Wantan Mee in front of furniture shop at Chulia Street‘, the noodles here tastes slightly different from those in Klang Valley. The noodles are more more springy, tossed with light soy sauce hence the fairer appearance and has a stronger lard presence. Even the wantan dumplings look different too, they are so tightly wrapped.
We have always missed the noodle after we moved out of Penang because it used to be our favorite place for supper. Besides, you will find one of the best Penang Curry Mee here too.


The last time I ate here was five years ago and I am glad the taste did not change too much. The Wantan Mee is still as enjoyable as it used to be for me, except for the red char siew which is the type I frown upon now. The price did go up a bit though, how much exactly I can’t remember but it was definitely less than RM3. Penangites might complain but I am already accustomed to paying RM5 for a smaller portion of noodles prepared by foreigners in KL. So, I can’t really complain. In fact I feel hawker food is still cheap in Penang and sadly that fact depresses me in some ways.


The old lady stills mans the stove, helped by her two sons who prepares the noodles and send them to the customers.


You should also not miss this fruit juice stall which is just next to the Wantan Mee. Their fruit juices are value for money and equally loved by locals and foreign tourists alike.


To come here, look for 7-Eleven located at the intersection of Love Lane and Chulia Street. You will find the hawker stalls diagonally opposite if you are standing right in front of 7-Eleven. After eating here, you could also walk to Kimberley Street which is about 10 minutes away for Mantis Shrimp Char Koay Teow. Take my advice and avoid the ‘See Koay Th’ng’ stall at all costs even though they appear famous and all. Their tong sui tastes weird, like dishwasher detergent.

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  1. Walked past this stall last year on Deepavali day.
    Must make a stop the next time Im in Penang again.
    Wantan mee is one of my favourites.
    THX 4 sharing.

  2. i think the noodles should be nice ..
    but not the char siu .. i prefer well charcoal n slightly fat..
    pg food is cheap but the portion is rather small..
    that is what most of pg friend use to say ..


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