Wantan Mee @ Restoran Heng Nam Hai, Jalan Ipoh


I came here after I read about Heng Nam Hai‘s Wantan Mee here. The coffee shop was not hard to find because its photos, address and GPS coordinates were provided in the blog. Now that’s a food blog done right folks.


Look at the Char Siew, just look at it. So handsome and all, it is the main reason why we were here. You don’t get to see this quality of Char Siew available in the normal coffee shops often enough.


One bite is all it takes to know that the Char Siew is indeed charcoal roasted just like advertised on the stall. It may not be the best out there but it certainly beat those artificially colored ones by miles. Noodle was decent too considering that the medium portion @ RM4.60 comes with 4 dumplings as well, it would be tough to complain. If there’s anything I think they could do to improve on the overall taste, it would be as simple as giving more Char Siew sauce on the meat.


There are a couple of other (and usual) toppings available for the noodles, but one that really caught my eye was the Dry Pork Curry. As it turns out, it impressed even more than the Char Siew. The curry gravy had a nice consistency, just thick enough to coat the noodles with its aromatic flavor while the lean meat was perfectly tender. This is definitely a winner for me.


Judging by the bustling lunch crowd that was indulging in foods from other stalls, I reckon they should be quite good as well. So I guess Heng Nam Hai deserves a revisit soon. Who knows there are more gems to be discovered here?


51 Jalan Ipoh (same row as Pasar Batu 5)
WP Kuala Lumpur 51200
GPS Coordinates: N3 12.294 E101 40.477

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