Wantan Mee @ Tua Pek Kong Bukit Mertajam


Bukit Mertajam(BM) @ “Tua Shua Ka” has a lot of good food to offer, the infamous duck egg Char Koay Teow which only opens at night, the Dried Hokkien Mee in Sri Sentosa, Taman Sri Rambai’s Curry Mee, BM Market’s Koay Chap etc.

In a sunny Sunday morning, there’s nothing better than enjoying a bowl of “Tok Tok Mee”. It is also known as “Tokong Noodles” as the stall operates beside a temple. It has been there since my father’s childhood, which means 50 years of business!

The name “Tok Tok Mee” cames from the process of making the noodles. Early in the morning everyday, “tok tok” sound can be heard caused by bamboo sticks hitting and pressing the noodle’s dough.
Tok Tok Mee

It looks like Wantan Mee soup, and tastes a little like Sarawak Mee. The noodles can be ordered in 3 different ways: dried, half-dried or in soup. I like half-dried the most :) At a price of RM2.00 per bowl, it is a steal.

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