Waroeng Penyet Tradisional Indonesian Food @ The Curve, Mutiara Damansara


Waroeng Penyet Restaurant serves Traditional Indonesian Food and can be found at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara. It is a relatively new restaurant, considering the fact that it was opened last year by 4 Indonesians living in Singapore. I came to know about the restaurant through their flyers while shopping at The Curve few weeks ago. Then I remembered a friend, who told me about a good Indonesian restaurant that serves really good fried chickens, which happened to be Waroeng Penyet.

waroeng penyet ikan bakar

Waroeng Penyet’s mascot is a cute looking chicken that really catches people’s attention lol. But the location at The Curve is not really strategic because it’s just beside the public toilet. Hmm.

waroeng penyet

The restaurant was full of people although the time was well over lunch hour. The setting is simple, almost like a fast food restaurant.

milo dinosaur

Our drinks were Milo Dinosaur @ RM3.90 and iced lemon tea (again, lol) Milo Dinosaur is iced milo drink with lots of milo powder added on top of the drink. It was very thick and I love it! I have tried making this at home but somehow it just doesn’t taste as nice.. I wonder why.

ayam penyet

First to arrive, Ayam Penyet @ RM7.90! The word Penyet carries the meaning of flattened. So, Ayam Penyet would be known as flattened fried chicken. This is their signature dish and you definitely have to try this, super crispy! There are a couple of side dishes that came with the chicken but I couldn’t really identify most of them. All I know is the cabbage with the chili is damn spicy! Beware of it lol.

ikan bakar ayam penyet

We also had a Ikan Bakar @ RM9.90. If we are not mistaken this should be a Tilapia or better known as “Fei Zhou Yu” (Africa Fish) to us. I actually preferred the Ikan Bakar more. It goes really well with the sweet soya sauce and rice. The downside is the lack of meat on the fish. Maybe it was too flattened? lol. My only complaint is that a serving of white rice cost RM1.90! I know the price of rice increased recently, but RM1.90 for a plate of white rice? That’s really overpriced, don’t you think?

waroeng penyet the curve

Let’s be honest, although food choices at The Curve is vast and tempting, they are freaking expensive. So, I really welcome Waroeng Penyet for their nice and affordable food. Many celebrities like Peterpan and Samsons, the famous Indoesian bands have visited Waroeng Penyet too. And you could see their happy faces on posters in the restaurant lol.

Waroeng Penyet
Lot 132, First Floor
The Curve, Mutiara Damansara
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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  1. Just had lunch there yday. Yeah, Rm1.90 for white rice is absurd, but RM10+ for a plate of nasi lemak in some outlets is even more, don’t you think?
    that was why I skipped the rice, and only chomped on the chicken. =P
    they were yummy nevertheless …

    J2Kfm’s last blog post..Taiping Getaway (Part 2)

    vk: yeah.. RM10++ for nasi lemak is absurd too.. depends on the restaurant loh.. if it’s Madam Kwan.. what do you expect :P As I know most Kopitiams like Old Town/Uncle Lim still serve nasi lemak below RM10.. so still OK lah.. what to do these are franchise outlets lol

  2. omg… it’s so small portion according to your pix.
    i had eaten this in singapore, which is HUGE!
    I wonder why, here in malaysia is not famous of ayam penyet, while in SG, there’s alot of this penyet2 thing shop..

    malaysia is abit out-dated modern i think.. =)

    rm1.90 for rice..ridiculous !

    where else can get ayam penyet in m;sia?
    miss it..
    the soft meat..yummy

  3. hi there…

    I did try this in Indonesia (Medan). Well it taste rather like… how to say… to me it is simple yet good for a very cheap medium serving plate.

    I don’t know about M’sia since I’ve never been to The Curve (staying in east coast M’sia).
    The picture of food is the same with what i had in Indon. Beside the ayam penyet is tofu and tempeh all fried to perfection.

    I think the price in Indon for on serving is around less then RM10.00 include the water and rice. Cheap aaa…

  4. hye,am a big fan of the curve’s waroeng penyet. yea, love the crispy fried chicken n the ayam panggang.
    bdw, the fish up there,is ikan bawal=) n yep, its tasty but lack of meat tho.
    the sidedishes that come with the ayam penyet set are tauhu goreng n tempe…tempe is an indonesian dish, made from soybeans.

    vk: Hi vee, thanks for sharing the info, I kept wondering what that tauhu thing was.. to be honest I didn’t really like it lol. You were right about the fish being a bit meatless.. but it still tasted good for me :D

  5. Hallo waroeng penyet…
    hope u the best seller…
    aku salah satu pengdoyan makananmu bersama istriku.
    klo ada waktu kita akan mampir di waroengmu tetapi disini aku mau kasih dikit comment tentang karyawanmu yang kurang senyum dan kurang ramah dalam melayani tamu, yang aku liat kayak karyawanmu selalu memlilih pelanggan yang masuk ke waroengmu, kita juga tamu mah dan makan juga bayar bukan gratisan so beri dong sedikit keramahtamahan dan senyuman kepada semua pelanggan bukan hanya buat suku pilihan aja ok???
    aku juga sering makan di Ayam Penyet Ria Sunway, pelayan mereka sangat ramah dan tidak membuat kami menunggu terlalu lama, layanan mereka sangat bagus deh… harap Waroeng penyet jugsa bisa sama seperti mereka apalagi kasir Waroeng penyet setelah orang membayar dikasirnya ga pernah tersenyum dan ucapkan terima kasih malah pelanggan yang mengucapkan kepadanya, wahhh… gimana nih head officenya ga tau menahu??? tolong dong perhatian dan kerjasamanya ok??? Thx…

  6. waroeng penyet!!!
    i luv it so much..i’ve been eaten there almost every week..
    i also recommended to all my fwen..
    i luv happy soda..jus like the nme,feel happy afta u drink it..hahaa
    the price i hve to say its a bit expensive.. i think becos of da place..situated in damansara..duh’..but i dun care..cuz waroeng penyet is enak bangat!!
    btw i’m malaysian..

  7. Saya adalah pemilik restoran Ayam Goreng Fatmawati yang terletak di Damansara Perdana di Kuala Lumpur. Saya membawa masuk francais ini dari Bogor di Indonesia ke Malaysia. Restoran ini makanan asli sunda.
    Datang ya ke restoran Ayam Goreng Fatmawati di G-18, Jalan Pju 8/3 Bandar Damansara Perdana 4782, Petaling Jaya, Selangor-Malaysia. Tel: 03-77109158 .
    Bumbu nya asli dari Indonesia dan rasanya asli seperti di indonesia. harganya juga terjangkau.

    Pak Januar Siregar,

  8. Hi I just want to help to translate comments from person above me. Well, I am an indonesian anyway :)

    “I am the owner of Ayam Goreng restaurant which is located in Damansara Perdana (Kuala Lumpur). I brought in this franchise from Bogor (Indonesia) to Malaysia. This restaurant is originally from Sunda.
    Please come to my restaurant.

    G-18, Jalan Pju 8/3 Bandar Damansara Perdana 4782, Petaling Jaya, Selangor-Malaysia. Tel: 03-77109158 .

    The spices are originally imported from Indonesia and it tastes like the one in Indonesia. The price is also affordable.”

    Mr. Januar Siregar,


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