Warung Leko Authentic Indonesian Food @ The Curve


Although The Curve has a good concentration of restaurants, I have always struggled to look for a place to eat. Then we stumbled upon Warung Leko at a relatively hidden corner on the first floor.
It looked interesting enough from the outside and got us in without second thought. The restaurant sign says “Authentic Indonesian Food” but penyet dishes are the main items on Warung Leko’s menu. From what I read they are from Surabaya and have two outlets in Malaysia: Sungai Buloh and The Curve.


Iga Penyet (squeezed ribs) on hotplate is one of their signature dishes but the meagre portion does not quite justify the price. So we got the Ayam Penyet @ RM9.80 instead. The ayam penyet here is very different from the usual: not deep fried, not garnished with crispy batter, does not come with rice and not served with tofu and tempe. In other words, you get less for what you pay for at other similar establishments.
Anyhow, the chicken is delicious, flavorful on its own, moist and fall-apart good. One major gripe I have is having to pay for extra sambal, which they are already stinging in the first place and made us scrape the bowl for it. Seriously, charging for sambal? Made with gold is it?


Talapia Goreng @ RM18.30 – pretty much just a deep fried talapia with none or minimal seasoning so it’s quite tasteless. This is where the sweet soya sauce and sambal would come in handy.


The Nasi Goreng Jawa @ RM8.50 is undeniably good, nicely seasoned and well-fried with plenty of wok hei. But again it felt like we were paying too much for this simple fried rice which had minimal ingredients.


Verdict: better stick to the tried and tested Waroeng Penyet that has similar offerings at lower prices.

Warung Leko
Lot LB-1, Link 2, First Floor
No.6, Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara

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