Waterlily Cafe @ Puchong

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I have been receiving recommendations from friends and ex-colleague about this restaurant “Waterlily Cafe” located along the Puchong IOI Business Park. Words have it that it is an excellent place for close friends to hang out and for couples to enjoy a romantic evening. So last Friday Siang Leng and I decided to check out the food there. Funny thing though, although I’ve been travelling along Puchong quite often, I didn’t know that the restaurant was there all the while until SL pointed it out to me.

Upon entering the restaurant, sights of chefs grilling steaks can be seen. The atmosphere is gentle and warm, dim orange lights create a relaxing and romantic feeling throughout the establishment. The walls are fully hung with various newspaper articles recommending this restaurant.

Waterlily Cafe

They keep a lot of wines from Romania

Waterlily CafeWaterlily CafeWaterlily Cafe

Food choices are mainly divided into light snacks, mixed grills, nasi lemak and pasta. Steaks are prepared in Balinese style, similar to those in Bumbu Bali, another Bali oriented restaurant that serves excellent Western food.

Waterlily Cafe

Waterlily Menu

We wanted to have something light to kick off our meal so we ordered the “Waterlily Chicken Rendang Sandwich”. It tasted great and unique, the grilled chunks of potatoes accompanying the dish is spicy and a bit salty. Our main course for the night were Bali Grilled Chicken + Lamb and BBQ Chicken Pasta. SL wanted to have the nasi lemak but only nasi putih was available, what a pity.

Waterlily Cafe

Chicken Rendang Sandwich

Things were fine at first, we were enjoying the sandwiches very much but the 40 minutes wait for our main course to arrive definitely ruined our mood for the night. Apparently the waiter forgot to hand our orders to the chefs. Ironically, they managed to get our sandwich delivered. Anyway, here are some photos of the main course.

The mix grill was huge in proportion, and I mean REALLY huge. The brown sauce tasted great and thick, but lacked in amount(just a small cup? come on) The pasta however was kind of a let down, the chicken tasted bland and SL had to dip the meat into my brown sauce to make them tastier.

Waterlily Cafe


Waterlily Cafe

Chicken Pasta

Overall “Waterlily Cafe” is worth going if you haven’t been there before, the food served definitely is worth what you paid for. However I really hope the service provided was better because now I feel inclined to visit again due to the delay in our orders, 40 minutes is really too long.

*Useful tips:
1. The “Waterlily Blended *insert fruit here*” taste like normal fruit juice, nothing out of the ordinary. I suggest you have their “ABC Blended”, a featured specialty.
2. If you see later customers eating earlier than you or you have waited for more than 15 minutes for your meal, clarify with the waiters.
3. Not sure if photographing is allowed as the waiters prohibited us to take the photos outdoor(that’s why no photos of chefs cooking) but we were allowed to take indoor?
4. Get there earlier to catch their Nasi Lemak. Heard it tastes great.

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