Wayback Burgers @ Melawati Mall

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Wayback Burgers, one of the ‘better burger’ brands from U.S., has opened up their first outlet in Malaysia in Melawati Mall. When ‘better burger’ chains are mentioned, they usually refer to the industry leaders like Five Guys and In-N-Out Burger.
These chains are supposedly a class above fast food restaurants and serve fresh to order burgers with higher quality ingredients.

Wayback Burgers Restaurant

After placing your order, you can watch how the burgers are grilled and assembled through the open kitchen set up right behind the counter. It took them about 20 minutes to send out the food over.

Wayback Burgers Double Beef Bacon Set

I had the Double Beef Bacon @ RM23.99 and topped up RM5.99 for house made chips and a refillable soft drink to make it a set. You can also opt for a milkshake, which seems to be something Wayback Burgers is also popular for.

Wayback Burgers Double Beef Bacon Burger

Although the burger looked good, it didn’t quite deliver on taste. I found the patties to be bland and felt like I was just chewing on flavorless meat the entire time. If it’s any consolation, we liked the chips.

Wayback Burgers Cheeesy Burger

SL had the Cheeeesy Burger @ RM22.99 which obviously had more cheese than the other selections available. While this burger was certainly not bland, the grilled butter bun was way too salty and pretty much killed off the other flavors. Every bite you take is filled with oily butter taste, it’s just too much.

Wayback Burgers Restaurant Melawati Mall
Wayback Burgers KL

Overall our first experience at Wayback Burgers was a disappointing one. Even more so, considering we braved the traffic all the way from Kepong and had to deal with the mall’s horrendous parking.
To be absolutely fair, the restaurant is new so maybe they still have some things to work out. But all I can really think of now is that we could have went down a few floors and eaten at Carl’s Jr instead.

Wayback Burgers Melawati Mall KL

Wayback Burgers

100.1, L3, Melawati Mall, 53100 Ampang
Business hours: 10am – 10pm

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