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Personally, I don’t believe in plant based diet so becoming vegetarian is out of the question. I do however, believe in eating clean and cutting off as much processed food and sugar from my diet. So if we think alike, then you should check out Wellness Recipe.

Hakka Lui Char

Wellness Recipe’s menu has always been about providing nutritious meals without sacrificing flavor. Ingredients with amazing health benefits like black rice, olives, cashew nuts and barley grass powder are used to prepare many of the dishes here. Artificial flavor enhancers are totally omitted, as honey, Himalaya salt, vegetables (for stock) and dried mushrooms are heavily used for the same result with the bonus of being guilt-free.
Wellness Recipe’s latest dining concept adopts the Japanese’s five color food principles: black, green, red, white and yellow. It is believed that any food that’s black sustains the kidney, green nourishes the liver, red maintains the heart, white soothes the lungs while yellow harmonises the spleen and stomach.

Green Rice Tower with Chicken Curry

The color theme for Monday is green and their best sellers are Wellness Green Tower @ RM17.80 and Wellness Lei Cha (vegetarian) @ RM14.80. Do note that there are other ‘Green’ options in the menu, but we only tried two of each color. And just to be clear, everything you see can be ordered off the menu and they are not served exclusively on certain days.
I am glad that the Green Tower did not have any reference to nasi lemak despite having similar side dishes of chicken curry, sambal, egg and peanuts. There’s also nothing lemak-ish about this because no coconut milk was used. The rice’s color comes from the barley grass powder which adds a grassy fragrance that’s delicate enough not to overwhelm your taste buds.

Wellness Recipe Hakka Lui Cha

To be honest, I have never been a fan of lei cha so I wouldn’t know how to appreciate it. Luckily one of my dining companions is a hardcore lei cha lover so I could use his opinion. According to him, the vibrant toppings tasted just right and balanced while the tea ‘soup’ was less overpowering than the traditional versions.

Wellness Recipe Kunyit Chicken Rice
Wellness Recipe Chicken Chop

For Tuesdays it’s yellow and we had the ‘Kunyit’ chicken rice @ RM14.80 and Golden Sauce Chicken Chop @ RM16.80. Served with soft brown rice, the ayam kunyit was loaded with aroma of spices and you can tell that it had little to no oil.
The chicken chop on the other hand, tasted as good as it looked and the portion was satisfyingly large for the price. It met all my criteria of a nice chicken chop: crispy exterior, tender and moist inside with a nice sauce.

Wellness Recipe Cashew Nut Chicken Curry
Wellness Recipe Sweet and Sour Abalone Mushroom Rice

Red Wednesday was probably my favorite among the rest. Both the Cashew Nut Curry Chicken @ RM16.80 and Sweet & Sour Abalone Mushroom Rice @ RM14.80 were delicious and did not taste any different from those prepared conventionally.
In the absence of santan, crushed cashew nut lent a creamy texture to the curry, while honey provided the sweetness for the crispy fried abalone mushroom. FYI the same curry chicken is served alongside Green Tower earlier.

Wellness Recipe Fried Black Rice Monkey Head Mushroom
Herbal Soup with Black Rice

Black rice takes the center stage for Black Thursday. Shown above are the Hericium Mushroom Olive Fried Rice (vegetarian, RM16.80) and their signature Herbal Soup with Black Rice (vegetarian, RM16.80).
Black rice is also known as forbidden rice since it was reserved for only Chinese royalty. Today, it is considered a precious grain for its powerful antioxidants, good source of fiber and helps in preventing common diseases. You can actually buy this rice from organic grains shop but if you find it a hassle to cook, better just to drop by Wellness Concept.
When cooked, black rice has a consistency similar to glutinous rice, albeit firmer depending on the doneness and tastes slightly nutty. The fried rice derived most of its flavor from the salted olives and you also get a meaty texture from the monkey head mushroom. As for the herbal soup, it was pretty standard tasting and we found the pumpkin tofu interesting and memorable.

Wellness Recipe Korean Bibimbap
Wellness Recipe Spaghetti Carbonara

White Friday features some of the trendier dishes like Hotpot Korean Bibimbap (vegetarian, RM14.80) and Carbonara Spaghetti @ RM16.80. So if you bring your family along there’s actually something to appeal to everyone especially the picky teenagers.

Honey Lemon with Chia Seeds
Wellness Recipe 5 colours Juice

If you noticed, there are many colorful drinks accompanying each dish. They are not part of a set, nor they are meant to be paired together. Wellness Recipe’s juices are prepared from soluble powder made from juice of USDA certified organic beets, lemon, carrot, barley green and other fruit and vegetables. Only two or three other natural ingredients like honey, chia seeds and soy milk are mixed into the drink to keep them as pure as possible.

Wellness Recipe Detox Restaurant PJ

This is something I never imagined I would ever say, but I experienced excellent bowel movement that night and the next day thanks to this meal. If you have been feeling lethargic or constipated lately, I think you will feel a lot better after switching to eat something green and natural – even for once. It doesn’t necessarily have to be at Wellness Recipe, but their food is actually quite good to start with.

Wellness Recipe

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