Gold Bar Beer Dining @ Tropicana Avenue

Gold Bar Beer Dining Tropicana Avenue PJ
Gold Bar Beer Dining Tropicana Avenue PJ

Gold Bar Beer Dining Restaurant

Last weekend my makan kaki and I had an enjoyable dinner at Gold Bar. It’s a relatively new restaurant and bar in Tropicana Avenue that offers mainly Western and a mix of Asian flavors.
As if you need more reasons to have a beer, Gold Bar’s menu will also satiate your porcine cravings. Whether it’s roast pork, pork chop, BBQ pork knuckle, BBQ ribs, grilled pork neck or pork spring roll – they have it all and more!

Gold Bar Imported Beer

For beer lovers, first you should know that Gold Bar carries a wide and exclusive selection of craft beer from Austria and Germany based microbreweries. Every brand is unique and guaranteed to give you a new and refreshing experience from the mass-produced beers we are familiar with. But since the breweries are mostly independently owned and only produce small amounts of beer, you can expect the price to be higher as well.
From L to R: Gusswerk Wiener Lager (5.2%) @ RM23, Gusswerk Austrian Amber Ale (5.4%) @ RM22, Gusswerk Black Betty (5.4%) @ RM22, Gusswerk Urban Keller’s Steinbier (5.6%) @ RM23, Weininger Natur Radler (2.05%) @ RM20 and Gusswerk Papagena Cider (4.5%) @ RM23. That’s 6 bottles for the six of us.

Gold Bar Wieninger Natur-Radler

I am only a social drinker so I wouldn’t be the best person to pass comments on the beer’s taste. But from what I gather around my friends who drink regularly, they do think that the beers are nice, very smooth and drinkable with a distinctive flavor.
I liked the Papagena Pure Organic Cider and Weininger Natur Radler the most. You can think of the latter as something like Shandy, but a whole lot more delicious.

Gold Bar Roast Duck Roast Pork Platter

Gold Bar Roast Pork

Food wise, lets start with everyone’s absolute favorite that night – Gold Bar Platter @ RM34 consisting of crispy pork belly and quarter of a roast duck.
For the price, I honestly expected a smaller portion but I am always glad to be wrong in things like this. We also didn’t expect the roast duck to be so good it could match those you get at the famous roast duck stalls.

Gold Bar Roast Pork Belly Platter

For those who are only interested in the crispy roast pork belly, it’s also available as an ala carte item @ RM22 for 200gm. Overall the roast pork meets the standard and goes hand in hand with beer. In fact, the entire platter was gone in literally 2 minutes so that speaks volume.

Gold Bar Thai Grilled Pork Neck Salad

Next, Thai Pork Neck @ RM14 – masterfully crafted dish that’s bursting with freshness and flavor. Every slice is succulent with a crispy skin – highly enjoyable and recommended.

Gold Bar Pork Chop

Pork Chop @ RM17 – I had to double take when this arrived. The price seems low for a dish like this and not to mention it was fairly well cooked and the fries (which I usually avoid) were finger licking good as well. If value for money is your main criteria this certainly won’t disappoint.

Gold Bar Grilled Spicy Saury Fish

Grilled Spicy Saury Fish @ RM24/pc – naturally oily with firm flesh and rich tasting on its own, it’s lightly glazed with teriyaki sauce for a touch of Japanese.

Gold Bar BBQ Skewered Prawns

Grilled Prawn Skewers (3pcs) @ RM24 – sea fresh, seasoned with a robust blend of spices. Simple, yet so flavorful.

Gold Bar Grilled Garlic Oyster

Gold Bar Grilled Scallops with Shell

Grilled Garlic Oyster (6pcs) @ RM27 and Scallops (6pcs) @ RM30 – both seem to share the same topping of garlic and herbs. Although the seasoning is a tad on the salty side, they were still ideal for pairing with beer.

Gold Bar Fruity Deep Fried Prawn

Prawn and banana feel like an unorthodox mix, but you’d be surprised at how well it tasted together in the Fruity Deep Fried Prawn @ RM22.
The sweetness of both ingredients just seem to meld together and you really get a pleasant fruity taste out of it. We would have rated it even higher if the tails were removed from the prawns.

Gold Bar Fried Pork Ribs with Salt and Pepper

The last item we had was the Deep Fried Salt & Pepper Pork Ribs @ RM22. It was probably the weakest dish among all mainly because everything else was great. Nonetheless, the pork ribs were tender and it took little to no effort to separate the meat from the bone.

Gold Bar White Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake

Gold Bar Chocolate Caramel Cake

Gold Bar Blueberry Cheesecake

We were stuffed at this point but we still had some room for desserts. You will find a couple of cakes (supplied by 3rd party) that taste exactly as expected. But the sinfully decadent Death by Chocolate cake stood out the most compared to the rest and impressed everyone that night. Try it!

Gold Bar Beer Dining Restaurant Tropicana Avenue

Gold Bar Bartender

Gold Bar Beer Dining Tropicana Avenue PJ

Gold Bar

P-01-17, Tropicana Avenue, Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7453 6808
Business hours: Sun-Thurs (4pm – 1am), Fri-Sat (4pm – 2am)

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