Madness Burger @ Cabin Steak House, Kepong

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The pangs for burger brought us to Cabin Steak House, a recently opened restaurant behind Brem Mall that serves both Western and Malay-styled local dishes.
Little did we know, we were in for the most outrageous burger we ever laid our eyes on. If you are one of those who hunt for unique foods, this is definitely for you.

Madness Beef Cheese Burger

This is their Madness Beef Cheese Burger @ RM12.50, and doesn’t it look awfully colourful? I think the reason it’s called ‘Madness’ is because that’s what Joker would have served if he sold burgers.
Since there’s no photos of how the burgers on the menu, we did not have the slightest idea that it’d turn out looking like this. If we knew, we would have probably given it a miss.
Now, if you are able to get past the mental block that you seem to be having a burger that got drizzled with melted crayons, the taste is actually quite good. After all, isn’t Yee Sang pretty much the same in the sense that they all use artificial colourings?
The homemade beef patty was succulent and flavorful while the bun had an interesting crunchy and crumbly texture. I am not too big a fan of the greens though and thought they could have toned down the amount, especially on the cucumbers. Or at least slice them thinner.

Crispy Fried Chicken Burger

The Crispy Chicken Burger @ RM10 shares a similar dressing, but it’s even more extravagant – the bun is green! Taste wise, it passed with flying colours (literally) and we loved the crispy fried chicken patty.

leng chee kang

For RM6, the Leng Chee Kang is worth ordering because it’s loaded with every ingredients imaginable.

Cabin Steak House Kepong

Just to be clear, I am not recommending nor condemning Cabin Steak House. That said, I will definitely return to try their other offerings such as chicken chop, pasta and curry mee. And if I do order their burgers again, I will opt for the normal condiments instead of colorful mayonnaise.

Cabin Steak House

Lot 426, No.01-A Jalan Jambu
521000 Kepong, KL
Tel: 03-6179 3203
Business hours: Mon – Thurs (5pm – 12.10am), Fri, Weekends & Public Holidays (5pm – 12.40am)

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